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30 Days of Supernatural: Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27 - Your favorite season intro episode

When it comes to seasonal premiere episodes, there are two that are tied in the position as my favorite.

2.01 "In My Time Of Dying"

The second season opener was a direct continuation from the first season finale, immediately picking up where we left off and it included plenty of family angst (in the good way, not an overbearing manner), meeting Tessa for the first time, meeting the Yellow-Eyed Demon as we know him, John making the deal, and with the combination of great writing and great emotional impact throughout the whole episode it makes for an amazing season premiere. I loved the entire mood it had, the helplessness and frustration of all the characters, from Dean to Sam and John, what they were willing to do, what they confronted, and I just think it was perfect after all that happened in the first season, knowing that much more was going to be revealed during the rest of the season.

4.01 "Lazarus Rising"

From the incredible first several minutes of Dean digging himself up from his own grave and realizing that it had been four months since he had died, to the incredible last several minutes of the sheer amazing reveal of angels and Heaven and that there's something bigger involved, this fourth season premiere kind of trumps almost everything else, in my opinion. Because Kripke wanted to keep the angel reveal a secret until the episode finally aired, we were left with a level of suspense throughout most of this premiere. Who rescued Dean from Hell and why? What is the purpose? Who is Castiel? If not a demon, then what other powerful creature, and how could a powerful being burn out someone's eyes like that? What could be so ultimately powerful that even demons are afraid of it? This premiere kept us guessing until the very end, which is precisely what you should do when creating a season opener. It was quite unique and different, and introduced something very new to the mythology of the show. I remember being so enthralled with the idea of angels and Heaven and God finally being in the mix, it really upped the stakes into what the Winchesters were getting involved in. This is why I loved this premiere more than anything.

When I say both these premieres are tied, I say that because I loved them both because they have a special place in my heart from the impression they had on me. "In My Time Of Dying" was very emotional between the Winchester family, the boys and their father, and that ending was a punch in the gut. "Lazarus Rising" was a fresh start, we were getting into something bigger and badder and better than ever before, so there was a level of mystery and suspense happening. And boy, did we get one!

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.

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