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Love should never be denied.

Obama Administration: DOMA Unconstitutional.

A-freaking-men! I just about cried with absolute joy when I heard this yesterday.

I don't think I'll ever understand the blatant hatred and outright spitefulness towards something as beautiful as love. Why can't these people see this is by no means a threat to marriage? If it doesn't affect them personally, why should they even care of two men or two women marry each other? Why should it even matter to these people what others do with the privacy of their own lives? The "protection of the sanctity of marriage" is just a bullshit line to sugarcoat their bigotry and fear of same-sex couples being recognized as human beings in our society who share the same rights as they do. There's also something called separation of church and state, which has been severely ignored by many in these kinds of debates and that really needs to change.

Love isn't a privilege, it isn't something on reserve only for heterosexuals. To think that is downright disgusting and inhumane. You cannot take away the rights of others simply because you disagree and have opposing opinions on the matter.

I believe this decision is another step forward in the right direction, and I hope it goes through. Yes, we can. ♥
Tags: activism, barack obama, human rights, lgbt rights, politics
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