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Nikita: "Echoes" Episode Review

Nikita 1.16 "Echoes"

This was such a brilliant episode, I don't even know where to begin.

It was definitely Alex-centric, but in a creative way of her being drugged up with hallucinogens so Amanda could interrogate her and get inside her head. Knowing Amanda, she is incredibly....innovative with her techniques of interrogations, not to mention quite scary in general. So having Alex be inside her own head and her talking aloud would have potentially be risky and dangerous if she revealed more than she should. Believe me, I was holding my breath during certain scenes not wanting Alex to say anything that could reveal her past and how she ended up inside Division in the first place.

What I adored about this episode was how unique it was by filming style, the dream sequences and her hallucinating underneath the influence was very nicely done. Seeing inside Alex's head, how she manages to hold up her walls, not allowing Amanda to get further inside, seeing her with her yonger self running away, having Nikita to be her guide inside her head as well, but ultimately her facing her own fears. Including what she doesn't want to become, which is taking the place of her father. She wants a normal life, she wants something new, something that won't get herself killed, without the sacrifices she would have to make. That ending with her facing that fear was very powerful. Her worst fear, the person she feared was herself. What she was becoming, who she would become if she went too far.

This is Nikita's fear, too. Realizing after playing the recording from when she killed Vlad that Alex could inevitably head down the road that she never intended her to go down. Which led to Nikita wanting to get Alex out of the country as soon as possible.

But this leads to many questions regarding Alex and what will become of her. Since Amanda is requesting that Alex be canceled, and that if her true identity is revealed many others will be out to kill her, it's definitely a "fight or flight" decision for her because she realizes she's in that much danger. Nikita could get her out of the country, but that isn't the life that Alex wants to live. Always looking over her shoulder, running whenever trouble seeks her out, whenever she feels unsafe. That's not the life anyone should live. So she can either go with that flow or take her stand and take back what was stolen from her, because even if she doesn't want to become her father she can possibly make a difference with everything she has learned.

Now, that ending with Michael discovering where Nikita is living, and of course finalizing his suspicions that Nikita and Alex are working together, makes me very curious as to what this could mean.

Is Michael going to confront Nikita and take her back to Division, thus revealing that Alex is the mole the entire time? Or is he going to confront her with asking questions and plenty of banter (as they usually do) but somehow, in some way, work together when Nikita reveals certain things because quite frankly, if Michael had wanted to uncover the truth openly he would have done so. But he didn't, and he's still protecting Alex. And it's clear that he obviously cares about Nikita (duh), so the question becomes what does he want now that he has the answer from the huge question mark that has been hovering above him for a long while.

Definitely the most top-notch episode of the season, in my opinion. A+ all around.

I honestly hope this show gets a second season because it totally deserves it. There aren't enough female empowering shows on television these days, which is blasphemy imo, and the CW needs some diversity in its lineup. Clearly if you aren't watching Nikita....what the hell is wrong with you? Get to it!
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