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Seriously, the cutest delivery ever. ILU ALEX NEVER CHANGE. ♥

Wizards of Waverly Place did their Wizards vs. Angels episode special which I quite liked. Mostly because it included angels, and also because it featured Alex and Justin which is perhaps one of the main reasons why I do watch this show, right next to Selena Gomez being perfectly amazing as Alex, of course. But in this episode, from Alex wanting to save Justin from the evil Angels of Darkness (which had her getting some Emergency Angel Wings to do so, lol) and at the very end with them hugging and apologizing and just being so fucking adorable it's like, awwww. I feel like this season is all about them, because of what they are going through and how they're gonna achieve it together.

For anyone that watches the show knows that the endgame has always been the Wizard Competition. Based on the premiere of this season, with them resulting to being guilty after attempting to expose wizards to the world, they have been reduced back to Level One of their wizard training, leaving their little brother Max, who isn't the brightest bulb in the box and careless with magic to begin with, in the lead of most likely to become the family wizard. Making Alex and Justin absolutely fearful that they will never finish their training to catch up in time before their competition date arrives.

First of all, I highly doubt that Max will become the family wizard. He might be in the lead, but it's too early to assume anything and really, we don't want another Uncle Kelbo repeat in this generation.

Secondly, this gives Alex and Justin the opportunity to work together as equals in order to get back into the wizard competition, something that they haven't done that often when they were trying to one-up each other in everything they did. But I feel like this season is proving that, by working together, they can accomplish to much, which leads to my predictions of what the ending of the series/story might be.

End of Wizards of Waverly Place Prediction: The Wizard Competition

In all honesty, there are many scenarios the end might have regarding who becomes the family wizard. One of the three kids will win, or perhaps something else happens that alters things.

01. Going back to the wizard revolution concept, realizing what the Wizard Council has done to limit any kid's chances of winning even after all the time and effort and knowledge learned, even after not considering the circumstances and reasoning when Alex had wanted to expose magic and wizards to the world to help end prejudice, the Russo's will try to attempt the revolution once again to allow all wizards to be trained and keep their powers.

02. Alex wins the competition but uses her powers to change things, since even though she is mischievous Alex has good ideas inside her head, with all the lessons she's learned over the years.

03. Justin wins the competition, however realizes that even after pining for it all this time he doesn't truly want or need it after all. Instead, he gives his powers to his sister because of her dedication of continuing on with the competition based on her love for Mason, who is a werewolf and the rules are that non-wizards cannot be in a relationship with anyone from the wizard world. And Justin, who has been in a few semi-serious relationships with those of the magical kind and had his heart broken, understands that he cannot let this happen to his sister who genuinely loves Mason. It would be a selfless act of sacrifice of his powers, since he always gloated about winning in the first place. Plus, it would totally be a reversal of what their father did in giving up his powers to be with their mother.

I seriously want Option One to happen because I felt that was an interesting storyline, and it was disappointing that they didn't go anywhere with it after Stevie appeared. However it is quite valid, seeing as how the wizarding rules are very archaic and unfair and Justin and Alex are now understanding that they can possibly change things. Though Option Three might be more plausible since it is going directly with the theme of this season and what is Disney without having some kind of lesson learned from everything? I just don't want there to be a red-herring or something reversed like, Alex wins but Mason ends up sacrificing his werewolf status into a mortal, so Alex has to give up her powers to be with him. That would also be playing to their parent's story, however it would be kind of "meh" in my opinion if that happened.

Mostly because I feel that Alex deserves to win the competition. Not just because she's my favorite character of the entire show, but because I feel like she most deserves the abilities.

Justin may be smarter with the books and his grades, but he's not as resourceful as Alex which she has shown time and time again, including in the movie itself where she does win the competition using her cleverness. Besides, Justin might have a better calling with tutoring as this season is suggesting, and since Justin is more booksmart than anything he would want to show his intelligence of wizardry to others just without the magical part on his end. But he's known for being intelligent and smart and knowledgeable, so he would do fine without magic in his life regardless. Alex talks big sometimes and she's known for being a troublemaker and slacker in many things, including her wizard lessons, although I feel like she needs this achievement to see her true potential. Max, however, is just like their Uncle Kelbo and really, we don't want that. Just saying.

Either way, I know they're planning on a second movie after the fourth season is done and it will most definitely be featured with the wizard competition. We'll just see where this season takes us and if my predictions are right.

Sidenote: I knew the actress who played Rosie because she played Riley in TSCC, lol. /themoreyouknow
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