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Small anecdote, big issue.

California school district uses GPS tracking to prevent students from ditching classes.

Hmmm, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this being pursued as a real method of prevention, to be honest.

Personal anecdote time: I started ditching classes in junior high, and it progressed well into high school. I got punished by means of many detentions, including Saturday detentions and almost a suspension, and privileges being taken away at home. I also paid the price later on and had to suffer the long-term consequences of my actions. But the point is that even though I was punished I still continued on with the act afterward, I got sneakier at covering my ass with forged signatures on excuse notes, faking sick to go home, etc. Granted, it's more technologically advanced than when I was in school, but who is to say kids won't find alternative routes of escaping this method and not getting caught?

Education is vastly important, and ditching school shouldn't be tolerated and those who are caught should be punished for their actions as I was, though the system shouldn't be wasting their money on these devices when there are simpler ways of handling such offenses. Like, understanding why kids are ditching and wanting to escape school, for example. Are they being bullied? Are they involved with a particular crowd that are being bad influences? Are they unhappy, unmotivated? These are some of the underlining issues that causes kids to ditch, and using this scare tactic isn't going to solve anything but make them even more bitter and angrier at school itself. Catch them in the act, let them suffer the consequences of their actions, but also help them. Understand where they are coming from, whether this takes a school guidance counselor or tutor or whatever, make them understand that school is there to help them succeed instead of being a prison.

The only upside I see is tracking kids and seeing where they are going if they are not in school, like if they are causing trouble or in trouble when they aren't supervised, which could potentially save lives. But really, I think tracking by controlling them shouldn't be something made regular or even mandatory when students have more than a few unexcused absences.

What does everyone else think? Should the education system do GPS tracking systems on students, or is this just a waste of time and money?
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