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For the two people who even watch the show...

Regarding Gossip Girl over the last several episodes, particularly in this last one, I just have one thing to say: I hope they're pulling a Dawson's Creek instead of a That 70s Show in terms of direction of Dan/Blair becoming a relationship. The fact that they spent time developing them, which it was revealed that they gave hints during their third season but felt it was too soon to make such a move, hell even they said they felt that spark during the FIRST SEASON when they had their small moments together (!!!), makes me all kinds of giddy and warm fuzzy feelings. I hope this becomes the ultimate endgame, regardless.

Actually, no, I desperiately want them to become endgame. They are just too adorable for words.

It's funny because I used to like Chuck/Blair, but that was during S1 and since then it's become annoying, repetitive and insulting, especially to Blair's character that she can get walked all over by the egotistical womanizer Chuck Bass. -__- Blair deserves better, someone that actually respects her and that she can be herself with, someone that makes her happy. And that someone is Dan Humphrey. ♥

And yes, I am posting about this because Dan/Blair are the only tolerable thing left on the show anymore, everything else is annoying and stupid and irrelevant.

It's funny when certain shows where I end up debating on watching episodes or not have something that draws my attention back in. Which is their intention in the first place, gain back more viewers, but they can't just give us something and then take it away because that's just gonna dwindle those gained numbers all away again. Just saying. When you have horrible writing but do something good for once, keep it up and don't fall back into the horrible routine again. That's what fucks things up.

So yeah, with this? They have a beautiful thing going here, and I say again I hope they stay on the Dawson's Creek route and stick with it since everyone has been charmed by how well-done the Dan/Blair relationship has been going.
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