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March Madness, it's everywhere. Sometimes without it being March.


JOIN THE VOTING, THE INSANITY, THE DRAMA AND SUSPENSE, THE INEVITABLE WANKFEST THAT WILL ENSUE! BWAHAHAHA! Oh, and be sure to VOTE FOR CASTIEL in the Supernatural section regardless, because our angel needs some love, dammit. I'll give you a special ~something~ if you do..../bribing

++ Shenanigans are happening on the Supernatural set between two children. And by children, I mean Jared and Misha, obviously. As been reported via Cliff's (the Js bodyguard) Twitter, they are having their own pranking wars with each other right now, starting with Misha leaving $1970 worth of coins in Jared's trailer, which has now been retaliated by Jared leaving the coins in Misha's car. Oh boys, lulz forever. I wonder what will happen next if Misha decides to retaliate back....

++ Now for some enraging news: The Supreme Court has allowed the Westboro Baptist Church to protest at military funerals. I understand respecting the First Amendment rights, but this advocating hate speech and knowing perfectly well that they will spew such hatred everywhere, it's so despicable. Sure, one could ignore their foaming-at-the-mouth rage, but in places where people are mourning for their loved ones and paying respects for the deceased that died in the line of duty is completely and totally vile and disgusting. Granted it will make the entire WBC look more like hateful douchebags than they already do, but still. Way to such tact, America.

I just, I can't. What is happening with our country right now? -__-
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