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The Force is strong with this one

Watched the George Lucas Tribute earlier this evening, because they had Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill there which shouldn't be missed by any Star Wars fan out there in the universe. Anyway, I was absolutely cracking up when William Schatner was introducing the Tribute and there were Storm Troopers beside him. It's funnier when you actually witness it onscreen so I cannot really recap it well. Let's just say Schatner was reciting "Your Way" and the about a dozen of Storm Troopers started doing the can-can. Hilarity then ensued after Schatner was finished and they carried him off-stage. Definitely amusing. But that's not all....

R2-D2 and C3-P0 were there along with Chewbacca, although no actual Darth Vador which would've been a riot to see him saying to Lucas, "George, YOU are my Father. Thank you for creating me." Or something along those lines. Wished they could've added the Ewoks there too, but I guess they didn't have enough seats for all of them. Oh well, at least they had the prime lovable characters on-board tonight.

Carrie Fisher's speech was hilarious and well-spoken. Harrison Ford's giddiness makes him out to be such a total goober, which was very cute and it's why I love him so. Mark's speech was also very sweet -- and all three cast members standing together onstage was just tearful. It was a touching moment. Harrison's going to be in another Indiana Jones film! This makes me very, very incredibly overwhelmed and full with geeker joy.

Lastly, George Lucas actually admitted onstage that his dialogue was wooden, and I'm glad that he acknowledges his flaws in that department of making his characters slightly cardboard (in the prequels more than anything). But as long as he's aware of this fact, than it's all good.
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