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Want an amazing spy espionage drama, with women that can kick your ass with only their pinkie and not break their badass stride? With plenty of gun!porn, amazing fighting choreography and explosions? Then this is a pimping post specifically for you, since Nikita needs more people falling in love and watching every Thursday, 9/8c on the CW. Believe me, once you get hooked there is no going back. ♥

La Femme Nikita: Old Concept, New Take

The new CW series Nikita is a retelling or revision of the plot from the original French film Nikita. Though to many, this is calling back to the older television series, La Femme Nikita starring Peta Wilson, which to some might cause slight hesitation and skepticism, and that's perfectly understandable. However, one should always keep an open mind because this updated Nikita is taking the core concept from all the Nikitas (the original French film, the American remake film, and the original series based on those) and creating something completely new and different. It's not necessarily a replacement, just another version retold, if that makes it easier.

The series is an action-drama spy-like series following a woman, Nikita, who is planning revenge against Division, a secret unit of the government that had recruited her against her will into becoming an assassin. She had escaped their holds years ago, and during that time made elaborate plans on taking out the organization once and for all, which has now been taken into effect as the series starts. Nikita is also hoping to gain redemption for the horrible things she had done, was forced to do, underneath their control, and comes across particular allies, enemies, and complexities along the way.

Maggie Q as Nikita

Maggie Q is considered the only lead actor of color currently on network television.

This is a big deal because unfortunately, leading roles for women are rather limited on television these days, and leading women roles who are non-white is even more of a rarity. So the fact that they got the absolutely gorgeous Maggie Q to be starring as the leading character of Nikita is quite astonishing, and impressive, particularly since the roles of Nikita have previously been played by white women. There needs to be more kickass women forefront of television these days, and having an Asian woman in such a leading role is an incredibly inspirational and smart move to make, in my opinion, and here's to hoping we see more of this in the future.

As for Nikita herself, she is a rather complex character as many of the characters on the show are. There are many aspects to Nikita which make up who she is, which sheds more to her humanity with the things she's dealing with. She shows her vulnerability along with her strength, she's a fighter, a nurturer, a mentor, protective of those she cares about and others, quick with thinking on her feet, but she never loses sight of herself and her main objective. Even if she's questioning herself at times, she always knows what the goal is. This is just a taste of who Nikita is, and she never ceases to amaze you with each episode. Nikita is probably a wonderful inspirational female character to look up to.

And let's face it, we need more independently strong females out there on television. There hasn't been one since Buffy or Xena, and I think Maggie as Nikita fits the bill perfectly amongst hardcore female roles like those.

As a bonus, here is a video of Maggie talking about having more Asians representing on television, along with her talking about the difference between the Asian Movie Industry vs Hollywood

The Women of Nikita

While this show does have male characters, Nikita is predominantly female-oriented and all about girl power, without a doubt.

Aside from our main girl Nikita (Maggie Q), we have Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) plays a girl named Alex who Division recruits in the pilot, who has a troubled past and is also a vital part of the show. Jaden (Tiffany Hines) is another recruit who is rather antagonistic towards Alex. There's also Amanda (Melinda Clarke) who works at Division, and is very mysterious and manipulative with what she does which includes getting inside other people's heads, interrogating them in various methods, most of which are mind-games and is incredibly terrifying. Plus varying female characters throughout episodes.

The great thing about Nikita is that we have women who clearly have unsettling pasts, sometimes even mysterious ones, and show vulnerability without becoming damsels in distress. In fact specific storylines are about how they understand themselves and overcome their pasts, becoming stronger in the process. This show has plenty of female empowerment, something we need more of these days.

UST: Michael and Nikita

For those familiar with the Michael and Nikita connection in the original La Femme Nikita series you are definitely in luck, because the UST doesn't stop between this Nikita and Michael (played by Shane West). In fact the tension between them is so thick you could slice it with a knife, for real. There are implications of there being a deeper chemistry with them, with plenty of sizzling moments and confrontations that support that connection, so you won't be disappointed.

Obviously I'm not going to reveal everthing. You'll have to watch the show to witness the sexy vibes between them, since the unresolved sexual tension is definitely worth watching. ;)

It's Gonna Be A Girlfight

If there's anything I appreciate in anything with film or television are authentic-looking fight sequences, and sometimes on television it's hard to really take a fight seriously when you can immediately tell that it's all incredibly fake and half-assed by the actors (you know the ones, where it looks like the punches aren't really thrown because of shitty editing/cutting or the actors are too far away to make the punch look real, etc) However as you can see, Nikita has done a fantastic job in keeping the fighting scenes as realistic and gritty as possible. Maggie Q was trained underneath Jackie Chan in various martial art techniques, so her physicality and focus and ability to make her fighting scenes in the show are phenomenal. Girlfriend got skills, yo.

If you want something hilarious (and adorable), watch this video of Maggie saying she's a "phony" in martial arts and not an expert as others are claiming her to be. lol

Why Should You Watch Nikita?

If you like spy-thriller-dramas with tons of action and things exploding, if you love strong women kicking ass and taking names and outsmarting the people they are up against, if you enjoy watching a mystery unfold and having a story being told that isn't primarily all about romance but more about plot and the endgame of characters storylines, then this is definitely a show worth checking out. And if you're someone that has been pessimistic, skeptical or hesitant because of your devotion to the original Nikita, please don't feel threatened by this updated version. If anything, you can appreciate both the shows without having to compare them since while similar, it is vastly different for a reason as previously stated. Just give it a try, test the waters, see if it's something you can overlook it being a recreation. I guarantee that you'll be surprised.

Also, one should be surprised that the CW Network actually has a show that isn't completely based on melodramatic teen romances. Showing a little diversity is something this network needs, that's for sure.
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