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19 March 2011 @ 08:25 am
SPN: Castiel, S6 finale thoughts  
Everyone's been freaking out about it, or rather the vagueness of what the spoilers concerning the finale could possibly mean. I myself have been kind of staying away from the majority of the fandom freak-out because it adds more anxiety than necessary. But that doesn't stop me from forming my own thoughts and opinions on the finale itself and what could possibly happen.

Three things are very certain based on the spoilers: the finale will be a cliffhanger, at least two unexpected deaths are going to occur, and that there are particular unexpected twists and curveballs going to be thrown at us that even the cast themselves were shocked by.

Now, the unexpected deaths thing really kind of confuses me because with this show anyone can die because they love killing characters. Some are thinking that Castiel might be on that list but honestly, Castiel has died twice in both finales he's been featured in, so that's not really unexpected or shocking. Plus I don't think they would want to enrage the fans further because Castiel is not only a series regular but also a beloved fan favorite, to get rid of him at this point would be ridiculously stupid and they know it. I think Bobby is the only character I can think of that would qualify as an unexpected death. Of course I read that Lisa and Ben are returning in the finale (booooo), and the likelihood of them getting offed seems to be very high. Since you know, nobody would be expecting it. So really, who knows what this means or if they're just hyping things up for the anticipation.

The biggest concern is about Castiel and his fate/involvement in the finale. In fact there are a few spoilers floating about which, while vague, give the impression that something horrible is going to happen regarding his character. And I have seen people speculating his fate and I definitely want to place my two cents into the pile.

First of all, the assumption that Castiel is going to turn evil is, in my opinion, downright ridiculous. There are no indications whatsoever that Castiel has remotely turned Dark Side for whatever reason. In fact, despite how this season has gone, it's pretty clear that he's been struggling with revealing his emotions with what he's been doing during this war he's been fighting. In fact, from the way he's been appearing lately he seems to be more tired and exhausted than ever before with everything, and that's definitely not a sign that he'll eventually turn evil. The exact opposite, really. Secondly, there's the fear that Castiel might turn against the Winchesters. He has mentioned that certain regrettable things have been required of him during this war, which indicates he's had to make difficult choices and decisions that he obviously doesn't agree with but he has to make because of what's at stake, and given the spoilers that he's going to be chatting with the Mother in an upcoming episode, this very fear of what this could mean between him and the Winchesters is very understandable.

Castiel is doing whatever he can to win this war, and desperate times might call for desperate measures if he's propositioned something that might help aid him, but those rarely (if ever) end well (ex. Crowley helping the boys out last season, good at the time but not in the long run) so if this is true, it's definitely going to bite Castiel in the ass.

Now, I'm all for having Castiel's storyline progress further into more morally challenging territories, him questioning himself and his current position and whether what he's doing is right, and so far this season there seems to be much indication that he might be in way over his head with this particular war. However, my main concern is his relationship with the Winchesters, particularly with Dean, because it's been hinted that by the end of this season the main four characters aren't going to be on the same level as they once were in the beginning of the season. Though this is confusing because in the beginning of this season neither of them were on the same page, not even between Dean and Castiel -- because let's face it, Dean has been acting like an asshole towards Castiel for absolutely no reason which makes me sad. So if they split them up further I'm going to be majorly pissed off. They've been not on good terms lately and I hope whatever shifts are gonna happen are for the better and not the worst, but this show loves its angst so you never know what they'll do.

Case in point: Castiel would never betray the Winchesters, not after everything they've gone through together, and he's definitely not intentionally turning evil or against them for whatever reason. Even with some statements like the "power hungry" quote Jared Padalecki made in an interview, because Castiel wants order and peace in Heaven, but it's like, have you even met his character? He's not the "power-hungry" type at all. Just, yeah.

I'm highly concerned over him, is all. It's just nail-biting anxiety over his character because if there's one character I love and adore and care about on this show anymore is Castiel, and if they ruin his character idk what I'd do.

Never mind that this finale will be a cliffhanger, therefore adding more anxiety and worrisome thoughts into ours head.

Those are my thoughts as of right now. Feel free to add your own input or concerns or theories into the mix.

Also, I'm currently dog-sitting for the weekend and haven't been able to get to the Internet for a long period of time because the puppy is rather rambunctious and the only time he's ever calm is when he's sleeping/tired, which is usually when I am sleepy and tired myself from chasing the little thing around and making sure there are no "accidents" in the house. So I might not be able to reply immediately as I usually do because of this responsibility, but I'll do my best whenever I have a free moment.
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goldenusagigoldenusagi on March 19th, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
The unexpected deaths bit confuses me as well, because who's left to kill? Lisa and Ben, I guess. Bobby? Baltahzar? Rachel? I DOUBT Castiel will die, though I still fear it, LOL. As for Castiel's ultimate fate, I have no idea. I don't see him going darkside, but then, I didn't see Dean living with Lisa for a year. I guess what I'm saying is, I wouldn't put it past them. Characterization in S6 does not equal past actions, apparently. Though I can't say that I think the story has been leading or pointing to a power hungry Castiel, either. Also, I guess they've got to be pretty sure of a S7 to end S6 on a cliffhanger.

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Renée: Castiel. Guardian angel.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 06:26 pm (UTC)
Majority of characters will probably die even before then, I think. I just think this is a ruse to get people riled up before the finale, and it's kind of working. But mostly it's rather misleading since characters do die, but having them die and stay dead is another matter altogether. So the question is are these "unexpected deaths" permanent? That would be the real clue here.
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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexylove_jackianto on March 19th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Sadly I have to agree with you about that. If just have so little faith in the writing team at this point.
(no subject) - rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC) (Expand)
the only water in the forest is the river: [spn] castiel | far from heavennyoka on March 19th, 2011 04:03 pm (UTC)
You have more faith in the writing team that I do. They've butchered characterization and motivation all over the place this season. So I'm not sure what to think about where they'll take this. Basically I just don't trust this current team with these characters, especially Castiel. :(

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Renée: Castiel. Searching for answers.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 06:08 pm (UTC)
Believe me, I have very little faith with the majority of the writers this season as well, because what has been happening currently has been pure bullshit. However, as someone pointed out, the last three episodes are going to be handled by Edlund and Kripke, which Edlund I love to death (and I trust him with Castiel more than anyone rn) and I like Kripke better than Gamble any day, so I'm hoping that they can pull everything together out of the nonsense this season created.
just a small town girl: [supernatural] strongcarameltrap on March 19th, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
I don't know about unexpected since I'm expecting anyone who isn't Sam and Dean to just kick the bucket.

As much I hope that Castiel won't die, I'm dreading it because the show hasn't been good to him lately. As for him going dark side or whatever, if that happens, then what's the point of his development in the last two years? On one hand, I won't be surprised if they did turned him into a power hungry character just because.
Renée: Castiel. Searching for answers.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
I know. They've even admitted that they love killing characters so, "unexpected" is rather empty for a level of suspense in that way. I think it adds to the cliffhanger of "will this character be resurrected next season?" if they do, indeed, end it with that question mark.

With how this season has been going I wouldn't be surprised either, but Edlund and Kripke are involved in the last three episodes of the season where all this emotional and important arcs are going to be revealed, and I love Edlund and I kinda trust Kripke more than Gamble anyway (but will never forgive him for the mess that was "Swan Song") But at the same time, I agree, it wouldn't make sense with the consistency of Castiel's character development over these last two and a half seasons. Morally conflicted? That I can deal with. But not flat out making him turning his back on the Winchesters, because that's not who Castiel is and I think he would rather die than betray them.
Revyallodole on March 19th, 2011 05:26 pm (UTC)
I have no idea how people came in to the conclusion that he's gonna turn evil. o__O We've seen morally conflicted!Cas before, how is that something new. Morally conflicted =/= evil.
Renée: SPN. Castiel.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 05:47 pm (UTC)
I know, I'm so confused by that assumption that's been circulating around. Where have we ever seen any evidence supporting this? I know the show has been all over the place and random lately, but not that random.

I love conflicted!Castiel, it actually adds more depth to his character and shows more of his humanity when he questions and doubts, not the other way around.

Edited at 2011-03-19 05:48 pm (UTC)
Tinka: Misha Congwaevalarin on March 19th, 2011 05:30 pm (UTC)
I have absolutlely no idea what WILL happen, because I don't trust the writers (except Ben Edlund of course) this season, and I wouldn't put it past them to suddenly make Castiel a power hungry villain just because they felt like it. Then again, the last three episodes are written by Ben Edlund and Kripke, respectively, so I guess there is hope.

So I try to think about what would make sense to happen, and power-hungry, evil Cas is definitely not on that list. Regrettable things, tough decisions, yes, but always with the very best of intentions, and because he was trying to choose the lesser evil.

As for the unexpected deaths, I distinguish between a character dying - like Cas in the finales of the last two seasons - and a characer dying, like Gabriel or Ellen and Jo, for example. And I am worried that Castiel may die, but I try not to think about that possibility too much. I just tell myself that killing of a fan favourite like Cas for good would be incredibly stupid. My guess - and hope, if I'm honest - is Lisa and Ben. Why else bring them back?
Renée: Castiel. Guardian angel.rogueslayer452 on March 19th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah, while I'm not having high hopes for anything incredibly spectacular I'm not particularly worried in what some people are worried about, i.e. making Castiel evil or the next Big Bad because that really makes absolutely no sense in context to everything his character was built on. I can see Castiel making a brash decision in the midst of battle and then dealing with the ramifications of it, maybe something will backlash because of something he thought was in the best intentions, just something along that nature. But definitely not evil like many are worried about. I don't understand how that could possibly work.

I know what you mean. It's kind of meaningless to say "unexpected deaths" when we know they'll be resurrected eventually, so it makes you question if they're talking about a permanent death.

ITA regarding Lisa and Ben. They've just been serving no purpose than adding the man!angst with Dean this entire season, so by having them dying would of course be adding more to that angst to mull over into the next season. Which is overdone and boring at this point. The audience never cared about these people, why are you bringing them back? idgi
Shonaille: Hetty Duchess and Warriorkalikahuntress on March 19th, 2011 05:51 pm (UTC)
Sometimes it seems like the writers don't care anymore they just want to make sure they make it to a seventh season. I hope for people who are still fans of the show that I'm wrong; they have lasted far longer than I have.
The writers have for years kept their audience through fear; fear that they will kill or butcher one of our fave characters and that is really pathetic on their parts.
I sadly think for the crew and cast, who deserve much better; will see that the seventh season is going to a painful swan song; especially with more and more fans wising up to the writers ploys of toying with people's emotions instead of you know, actually giving us a well-written show and the others who are just plain fed-up will be gone.
Renée: Dean/Castiel. Bittersweet.rogueslayer452 on March 20th, 2011 06:20 am (UTC)
I'm going back and forth with this show, there are times when it draws me back in with something great that intrigues me, but then it pushes me away from its idiocy that I end . So currently, I'm on the fence with how I feel about it right now.

I sadly think for the crew and cast, who deserve much better

Yeah, I also feel the same way sometimes, but at the same time I feel horrible for thinking that because you can clearly tell that everyone enjoys working on the show. They are entirely grateful for it and, despite how bad we see the direction the show has gone, the actors and crew members are highly appreciative of their jobs and, for most of them, this is their livelihood, this is what they enjoy doing. So it gives me mixed feelings sometimes when they are having so much fun and I'm bitching/complaining about a show in spite of how it's not being treated well writing/direction-wise.

I don't know, am I the only one who is conflicted on that as well?
Filomena: talk to the ring bitch i'm the popeaubade_saudade on March 19th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
i have no opinions because i've decided that De Nile is not just a river in Egypt and i should just plunge in, wade in it so as to not lose my shit all over the place and start hyperventilating.

basically this is me shades on hiding my face acting all Garbo and saying, "No comments." when the poo hits the fan i'll just faint with y'all bitches and wake up ranting.
Renée: Castiel. Guardian angel.rogueslayer452 on March 20th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
Word. I find that if I get too wrapped up in all the spoilers and theories, that I end up feeling claustrophobic with anxiety and it's...not really worth it, tbh.
dauntperplexitydauntperplexity on March 19th, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
Some are thinking that Castiel might be on that list but honestly, Castiel has died twice in both finales he's been featured in, so that's not really unexpected or shocking.

EXACTLY! There is no reason to kill Castiel AGAIN in a finale. That's just silly. And lazy writing. And Kripke isn't that foolish.

I was thinking that Meg might be one of the people killed off. Because honestly, where the hell has she been since 6x10. I don't want it to be Balthazar. It can be anyone but Balthazar (of course, this isn't counting, Dean, Sam, Cas, and Bobby).

As much as I would LOVE to see Misha play bad, I don't think Cas would ever go darkside. Not on his own accord at least. Like he'd be tricked and all that. Because honestly, when has Cas EVER wanted power? He is just doing what he can to make sure there isn't chaos in heaven. And if he did happen to accidentally go darkside, I'd want Dean and Sam want to SAVE him instead of hunt him. Because he would NEVER betray Dean. I don't think he's capable of doing that.

This way, Dean can angst and all that about not being able to save Cas and the boys go all BAMF trying to save a friend. And that way Balthazar is still alive and is helping the boys try to save their beloved Cas.

Cliffhanger... Bobby is evil. Or Balthazar is evil. Or Cas gets pulled into Hell by the Mother. Or Adam returns. Or... Dean and Cas fall into bed

I feel like I wrote a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense. Sorry. *blushes*
Renée: Dean/Castiel. Between us.rogueslayer452 on March 20th, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
EXACTLY! There is no reason to kill Castiel AGAIN in a finale. That's just silly. And lazy writing. And Kripke isn't that foolish.

They're more or less becoming South Park in that regard, where Castiel is SPN's Kenny.

Honestly, I still don't understand why Meg is still around. She appeared only once last season, and once this season. I don't understand how she's amounting to anything right now. Granted I know, certain minor characters appear only several times (Gabriel appeared in only four episodes over the span of three seasons) but her involvement in the show is rather sporadic at this point. I can definitely see her biting the dust rather quickly.

As much as I would LOVE to see Misha play bad, I don't think Cas would ever go darkside.

I think that's what many people are confused by, I've seen many comments saying that they would like Castiel to be evil. But what they're actually saying is that they would like Misha to play an evil role on the show, even just for an episode. Which would be an interesting challenge, but for Castiel to turn evil like permanently? I think that's absurd. ITA, Castiel would never betray Dean, and if he got tricked the Winchesters would try to find ways of helping him than opposing him.

This way, Dean can angst and all that about not being able to save Cas and the boys go all BAMF trying to save a friend. And that way Balthazar is still alive and is helping the boys try to save their beloved Cas.

I really like this scenario. :D

Cliffhanger... Bobby is evil. Or Balthazar is evil. Or Cas gets pulled into Hell by the Mother. Or Adam returns. Or... Dean and Cas fall into bed

I feel like I wrote a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense. Sorry. *blushes*

lol, nah it's alright. I think because we're all in the dark + anxieties over what might happen the speculations are endless.
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kaiyotekaiyote on March 19th, 2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the reason I'm freaking about Cas turning evil (although it's wayyy less now because, of... uh... something~) is because the writing/characterization this season has been such shit. Logically it makes no sense at all, but I have no idea if Supernatural is even bothering with logic anymore. :\

BUT with some other spoilers and speculation on tumblr I read and thinking on it more, I... doubt they're going to go that route with Cas. It does also help that Edlund is at the helm for 6x20.

Although I kind of wouldn't be surprised if he did something that Dean and Sam thought was "evil" to help him win the war and then they are all ~omg ihu~ because their double standards are ridic. :P


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Renée: SPN. Castiel.rogueslayer452 on March 20th, 2011 04:13 am (UTC)
So right, you are. There was a time when I didn't necessarily care about who the writers were or worrying over which ones were writing certain episodes, mostly because I wasn't that emotionally invested with the show. But I am now, and it's frustrating feeling like you're the only one that cares for these characters and the story. *sigh*
Dom sits downmercury973 on March 20th, 2011 06:29 am (UTC)
If Cas dies and stays dead- I will not return as a viewer. It was Cas that finally got me into this show.

If Cas turns evil- Show, I am disapoint. I would be pissed off to no end. One thing about Cas that I truly love is above all else, he is good.

If Cas betrays the Winchesters....he can't. Bad writing.

Deaths- my money is on Bobby (unfortunately). There have been some odd tweets from Jim about a new show and how his life can change. The other death, I dunno. Who hasn't died yet? LOL
Renée: Castiel. Whumped :(rogueslayer452 on March 20th, 2011 06:50 am (UTC)
Pretty much word to everything you said about Cas.

That is true regarding Jim's tweets, since he does tease us sometime with what he does post there. However, he did mention in one of them that he worked on two projects at the same time before, so it is possible that he could be trying out for other work while still maintaining his job on SPN. He's still a recurring character, not a series regular, though that still brings up the question on whether this is one of the unexpected deaths we'll be seeing. :( I love Bobby so it's hard to imagine the show without him, same with the show without Castiel.
Tracy: Cas Lipsalexwhitman25 on March 21st, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
The problem with all the points that you have made is that the writers are more about the "OH HAI LOOK!" than writing things that make sense characterizationwise. Plus, all season Cas's relationship with the boys has been sidelined and they have emphasized how much they want to focus on the Dean'n'Sam stuff. I could easily see them making Cas evil and thinking themselves so clever at such a twist. In fact, I think it would be easier for them to do than try to get ahold of the reigns and really write a nuanced characterization with depth for him. If I didn't believe based on a rumored spoiler the possibility of them going another way, I would put money on them going the Evil!Cas route.

And while I have a ton of trust in Edlund, it's not his call. He has to write his episode in a way that will fit with the ending Gamble & Co. have decided to go with. And Sera is writing Dean's ep of the finale, while Kripke is writing Sam's. (Also, after Swan Song, I don't have high hopes that Kripke will deliver much, especially in regards to Cas. I had more than a few issues with Cas's characterization in that episode).

have you even met his character? He's not the "power-hungry" type at all. Just, yeah.
Heh, I honestly don't think some of these writers remember the characterization journey he has been.