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Opinion on the Sucker Punch controversy.

I highly recommend reading this person's views and debunking of the arguments against the film which are perfectly articulated, however I do have some additional commentary and opinions of my own.

Everyone interprets things differently, have different perceptions and we're not always going to agree about everything. Some will like or possibly love a film, others won't. That's totally fine, to each their own and all of that jazz. But the amount of critical accusations against Sucker Punch are getting rather ridiculous, particularly the claims about it being "misogynistic" and "anti-feminist" and "exploitative of women." Throughout the film I never saw anything suggesting that, in fact I saw the exact opposite. While there are darker themes it's a fantastical world which deals with the coping mechanisms of those trapped in an ugly reality, and handling it with the power of their minds. That's it. While there may be some flaws here and there, overall there's nothing anti-women about it from where I stand.

Oh, and I also don't appreciate being accused of "supporting sexism against women" because I enjoyed the film or because don't agree with your stances. If I was entertained or felt empowered by such things, then that is my right. Don't say I'm wrong just because I don't agree with your viewpoints, and don't tell me how to feel because I am a woman and should feel "ashamed" for liking something that you disagree with.

Don't fucking speak for me, or for any other woman out there as a matter of fact.

Sucker Punch is no Black Swan or Inception by any means, but there is a story being told and a message that is being conveyed. At the end of the day, it's a fun action-packed fantastical world where girls are kicking ass. And what's wrong with that? Furthermore, what's wrong with a little campy fun in films without it getting mobbed by critics? Why does everything have to be either extraordinary or godawful to the point where everyone is bashing it all to hell? I don't get it. Why can't we have a happy medium, where something is kickass, visually stunning and fun at the same time?

Bottom line: Don't listen to critics who don't know shit, and don't follow the line of bitter reviewers. Just watch and judge for yourself and make your own opinions based on what you go into the movie for and what you yourself take out from it.
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