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Emily Browning defends Sucker Punch from the harsh "sexism" criticism.
But Browning, 22, is adamant she doesn't agree with accusations the film objectifies women, telling Britain's BBC, "I find the idea that it's sexist really bizarre. The sexism is within the story of the film. Within the brothel, the girls are being objectified but that doesn't mean the film is doing the same. It's really about these girls breaking free."
Girlfriend speaks the truth, and it's kind of sad that it needs to be said because it's sort of obvious that while it's present in the story the film never, ever advocates sexism against women. That's like accusing Harry Potter of teaching witchcraft to kids and completely missing the point of what the story is actually about. But I'm glad that Emily Browning has her head on her shoulders and doesn't really mind that there's criticism. It's being talked about, whether positive or negative, it's getting a reaction from people. Thankfully, I'm seeing more positivity from others now that they've actually seen the film instead of relying on critic reviews or pre-judging based on trailers or other people's opinions.

This isn't the first time Emily Browning is very adamant about her opinions. She also recently exclaimed her outrage over the MPAA forcing Zack Snyder to cut a particular scene which would show her character being comfortable and in control over her sexuality. They deemed it unacceptable and she called them out on such idiocy, and I love her even more for it.

I just love Emily Browning the more I see her interviews, okay? ♥
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