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++ LiveJournal seems to be underneath more DDOS attacks, this has been the second major hit the site has faced within a week, hence why they have been abruptly not loading properly for anyone that has been wondering. I'm hoping they can get this situation properly fixed so there aren't anymore attacks, because I'll be honest....I would be devastated if this site was to be down indefinitely. I would miss you all sfm, like for real. My heart would be broken. :( lol @ my life being all dependent on ELJAY. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU GOT UNTIL IT'S GONE, BBS. *clings to you all*

++ UPLIFTING NEWS HOWEVER! For or all you Dean/Castiel shippers out there: "Some Hunters Marry Pretty Boy Angels. Get Over It." T-Shirt which you can purchase now. \O/

++ I am majorly disappointed that no store anywhere (in my area) carries the Sucker Punch soundtrack. I mean yeah, I have it on my computer but I would also like the purchase it for real, physically in my hands as I walk out of the store and play it in my car as I'm driving home. Oh well, that is what Amazon is for I suppose. Still, I pretty much sadfaced after each place I went to the other day and I left empty-handed. ;__;

++ Currently in love with this song right now. Catchy and upbeat with a positive message. Everyone needs to hear it. If you're feeling down or just need something to get through your day, listen to this song. ♥
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