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Post-Holiday Update

Disappeared for half this week because of relative visiting courtesy of the 4th of July holiday craziness. Of course, the state I visited them in wouldn't allow its citizens to purchase fireworks. So it was pretty quiet that evening, although the casinos were blasting them off around midnight or so, because they have permission by the authorities while we cannot even have simple poppers. Oh well, had an awesome feast nevertheless. Barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers galore! Also caught VMars, House and LOST as well, which soothed my withdrawals from being away from the VCR without taping the episodes.

Heard about the London bombings yesterday, and I'm just as devastated and distressed as the lot of you are. However, I don't feel the need to express my thoughts on this tragedy, bookshop's recent postage pretty much covers everything how I feel, and much more than how I could've expressed it in words, too.

Moreover, Can Buffy Explain How Professor Snape is a Vampire?

An interesting editorial that is hilariously based upon the connection between the BtVS universe and the Harry Potter series, giving examples how Buffy can explain how Snape could, indeed, be a bloodsucking vampire. Doubtful that Severus Snape is actually a vampire -- since that theory has been ruled out plenty of times before -- but it's still amusing nonetheless.
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