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"In English? I'll fuck your brains out."

I had forgotten how fucking amazing of a movie Cruel Intentions is. It's so scandalous and fucked up, yet so perfect at the same time. Rewatching it now I get an entirely different perspective than when I first watched it years ago when it first came out, for example getting more of the dirtier jokes and blatant innuendos. Not that I didn't know they were dirty at the time, it's just you don't get them in the same way as you do when you get older, you know? Anyway, it really is a movie everyone needs to see if they haven't. It's something my generation can watch and be all, "yeah, we watched shit like this and it was epic!" Because it is, I practically have memorized the entire movie, I can pretty much quote the whole thing. The one-liners and dialogue in this movie are just that priceless. Plus, watching it again gave me some interesting random thoughts:

* Sarah Michelle Gellar really needs to do more movies like this. I think she does well playing the fabulous manipulating bitch, lol.

* Joshua Jackson playing the gay friend of Sebastian will never not be amusing to me.

* Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe, you break my heart because watching this makes me realize that you two broke up for real in real life. I has sadface now. :(

* "E-Mail is for geeks and pedophiles" <--- Oh, how times have changed. lol

* We really need more movies like this. Not like those guy-humor movies or anything that seems to be the "in" thing these days idk why since those are boring and stupid, but the storytelling of such movies like what Cruel Intentions did to the audience. This is something I miss about the late nineties, we had some pretty awesome shit back then, these are what I consider the "classics" of our generation. Ah, nostalgia, the memories.
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