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"Movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative!"

Scream is one of my favorite scary movie franchises.

I think it's utter genius, because it does combine savvy modern teen comedy with the horror genre in a complete unique way that still makes it legitimately scary. It's self-aware, it acknowledges the rules of the horror genre and breaks them at the same time, and it's literally the "this could happen to you" scenario. It not only is a fresh concept but it also plays on itself that is different from any other scary movie out there, even with the two sequels it manages to hold a certain continuity, which makes the films incredibly iconic for our pop culture and to the entire genre. After watching the documentary that just aired on Biography Channel, I've come to really appreciate the heartfelt dedication to creating not only the story but to get it made, against all odds, and to become something new and fresh and exciting for horror movies to come back full force to the film industry.

Now after marathoning the entire trilogy, I am prepared for Scream 4 to be released. April 15th, bbs!
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