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Film Review: Scream 4

Scream 4 is perhaps the biggest surprise of movies coming out this year since not only is it the fourth installment of the Scream movie franchise, it remains true to its roots even after years since the last release and that's something not many sequels of franchises are about to do. I admit to being slightly wary because, as a fan of the original trilogy, I was worried that a fourth film wouldn't do it justice. Of course I read that Wes Craven wouldn't do another Scream movie unless the script was good, so making this movies clearly indicates that he approved of the story and what this installment was going to give audiences.

The film itself provides many laughs along with scares, bringing something new and fresh in this new generation but still maintaining its roots from the previous films. The main tropes being: being self-aware of the rules of a horror movie and the message of motivation. The opening scene gave us that almost immediately, where we have a meta-within-a-meta, movie-within-a-movie introduction. I have to say, that was pure genius. Off the bat you realize that this Scream is going to be something else.

We're introduced with a brand new young cast, not just focusing on the golden trio as we have done with the previous three films. While some people were bitching about that prior to the release, I think it makes sense. We're heading into a new generation, ten years have gone by, and the trilogy had focused primarily on the mystery of Sidney's mother which after the third film was solved and gave closure to that. This is a brand new generation, something new and unexpected was going to be happening because over the course of the last decade horror movies have been going into a different direction. More blood and gore, remakes of originals, etc. That is what Scream 4 focuses on, but with the twist of motivation and who the revealed killer is. But just like all the previous movies, it all comes back to Sidney and family.

Believe me, I was trying to figure out who the killer was during the whole movie until it was revealed, because that's what I do, but I'll be honest it actually being Sidney's cousin really threw me a little. But when she started explaining her motives it all clicked and made sense. She did make a point about today's generation -- anyone can become famous for doing absolutely nothing, through online videos and stunts and whatnot, and staging the perfect way of being regarded the hero is something she wanted, her 15 minutes of fame that she desperately wanted. It also makes way of how far some will go to get that kind of immortality to their name, and even though she was killed by our glorious trio, the fact in the end her name will be everywhere regardless. This is the kind of stuff that Scream does absolutely well, the post-modern meta and giving that overall message mixed into the story, and even after all this time it never diminished.

I was quite scared for our Indestructible Trio, though. I had heard some rumors a while back that they were going to kill off one of the main cast, but I'm happy that didn't happen. I would have cried if any one of them actually died for real. They did scare us with the possibility from Gale being stabbed, and of course the shocking scene with Sidney getting stabbed and falling to the floor unconscious before her cousin went into her psychotic meltdown. Because you never know, fourth film anything can happen. But I'm happy they all lived in the end. I'm also happy that Gale and Dewey are still together (married for 10 years! :D) and while they have their little spats and problems, they're still working it out.

"You forgot the first rule of remakes: you don't fuck with the original." <--- By far, the best line out of the entire film. \O/\O/\O/

Mostly because it really does ring true. For remakes to happen, you can't fuck around with the original, you pay respects to it. I think everyone can agree to that, hence why this is such a badass line.

Was it just me, or did Sidney hold herself differently in this movie? Perhaps she's getting fed up with having to deal with the Ghostface killer that keeps following her throughout her life that she is all "just show your fucking face, you coward!" because seriously, if there's anyone that should be tired of these games it's definitely Sidney. When her cousin's friend was being attacked she ran directly into the house, she's ready to face-off with Ghostface instead of hiding, but she's not overly confident in believing she's invincible because she's still scared and vulnerable like everyone else. But due to her past experiences she has her head on her shoulders and isn't stupid to fall for the normal bullshit.

Also yes, she was really gorgeous in this movie. Neve Campbell has not aged, has she? She still looks exactly the same as ten years ago. *___*

For the other actors, they held their own remarkable well. Seeing familiar faces such as Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Anna Paquin (True Blood), Aimee Teagarden (Friday Night Lights), among many others. Some think that this might be over-selling the franchise, but I don't think people understand that they've always had certain well-known actors featured in the films. I found that they did a wonderful job and stood on their own, even with just a few minute cameo. I liked the new circle of friends and how they sort of held a kind of deja vu with Sidney and her friends from the first movie. I thought they handled all that very well with bringing in new characters, even if they all died in the end.

Overall: Scream 4 is a pleasant surprise at how you can create sequels without it diminishing from the magic and original material it once originated from. Anyone who is a fan of the Scream movies, won't be disappointed. I will say for squeamish factor it is more graphic with the gore than the previous films, but not overdone to where its unwatchable. In my opinion, Scream 4 is worth the hype and praise it's getting, and after ten years since the story still remains strong and awesome, even when you weren't expecting it to be. A+ from me.
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