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News: Interesting Article

Too many Potter books at home? Sell one back.

Having two copies of each book individually, especially Order of the Phoenix (hardcover to complete the set and a softcover, for traveling purposes), and both my sister and mother having their own copies of the fifth book I can understand the benefit of selling an extra Potter book back. Unfortunately, this means we'll have to have an argument over which one of us gets which book. I understand that not all families have affordable cash for the books, particularly the sixth one coming out, but around my area there's plenty of used bookstores that have loads of Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and even Lord of the Rings books. Someday, I probably will donate my used HP books towards those that cannot afford them by its regluar price. However in this moment in time, I'm still in the process of reading and rereading them to fill the void of spoilers for HBP.

Avoiding spoilers, even rumored spoilers, for the sixth Harry Potter book is extremely difficult since almost everyone is posting them on the Internet. Nevertheless, I've resisted temptation (which isn't a whole lot of anticipation on my part) and am remaining unspoiled until the book is officially in my hands. Unlike some people out there, I have induced willpower -- and the lack of enthusiasm because of all the hyoe, online drama, and wackage happening in the fandom.

Know what's interesting? Inara/River. Inara's compassionate understanding ability, her motherly nurturing nature of calmness and Buddha-like logic is very intriguing, especially for a trained Companion. And, obviously, River's incredibly genius yet unstable mind gives Inara a chance to soothe her inner-self. I find the two of them remarkably beautiful together; filled with compassion and fear, for their pasts are truly a mystery. Yes, I've apparently watched too much Firefly lately. Particularly "Bushwhacked" when Inara comforts River when she awakens, screaming.

They're just so glamorous, those two. In their own special and unique ways of course. Serenity is definitely going to be the film of the year.

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