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SPN: "Frontierland" Episode Review + Meta

Supernatural 6.18 "Frontierland"

Researching ways about killing the Mother, the Winchesters and Bobby come across something called The Phoenix which, with the ashes of the Phoenix, is the only thing that can actual kill her. Dean comes across the diary of Samuel Colt and believes that by traveling back to the old west of 1861, they can track down Samuel Colt in finding this Phoenix and bringing the ashes back to present day. They call upon Castiel to do this, unfortunately because of the massive time jump they have exactly twenty-four hours to get the job done. Meanwhile, Castiel deals with accusations and a fatal confrontation with his most loyal soldier in his guerrilla army, he kills her but not before suffering from an injury. Back in the Old West, Dean plays sheriff and confronts the Phoenix while Sam goes off to find Samuel Colt to alert him of their situation. When he finds him, Samuel Colt is less than impressed or enthused by the idea and says that he's a retired from hunting, leaving Sam in quite a predicament.

Back in present time, Castiel tells Bobby that since he's been weakened he cannot bring Sam and Dean back unless he is to perform a dangerous procedure to rev himself up: touching Bobby's soul. The end has Dean killing the Phoenix, however they are brought back to present time before gathering up the ashes....until a package arrives to them hundreds of years from the past via Samuel Colt, as he collected the ashes and saved it for them all this time.

This episode was quite an interesting one, definite fun for the boys going back into the Old West and seeing them attempting to blend in, plus seeing Samuel Colt. However, the real show-stealer was Castiel and the mystery surrounding what he's been up to which makes me, and many others, very worried on his behalf....

Samuel Colt and The Colt

I'll be honest, I was slightly disappointed we didn't see more of Samuel Colt and his methods and tactics. He seemed like such an experienced and skilled hunter himself, based not only on hunter legend but also from what we saw. Him being unfazed by the two demons and him killing them without hesitating, then sadfacing because his bottle of alcohol got busted (him and Bobby would get along famously, I betcha anything), that was pretty damn cool considering. But I wished we could have gotten more background on him in general, particularly regarding the huge iron devil's trap railroad with the Devil's Gate, how exactly was that placed there, how did he know, etc and so forth. Nevertheless though, seeing him even for that short amount of time was kind of sweet. His interaction with Sam was hilarious, mostly because, like with the demons, he was unfazed by seeing a futuristic "giant with a magic brick" stepping into his house.

Secondly...I'm actually wondering, where is the Colt in present day? Do they even have it since last season when they attempted to kill Lucifer? Dean acted like he hadn't seen the Colt in some time so, it makes me really very curious on this and whether they'll bring it up again.

Castiel: His "Dirty Little Secret" and the Pressures of War

not just the light in his eyes, but his veins too. O_O

While we aren't given the full details on what he's been doing, we're given a glimpse, just like in the previous episode, that Castiel hasn't been entirely truthful about what he's been doing which causes major suspicions amongst those he's recruited. The fact that one of his trusted lieutenants was shocked in disbelief that what was rumored to be true and was willing to kill him in ceasing whatever Castiel is doing must be something pretty damn huge. Of course, this is only an implication and we can think of the utmost worst case scenarios and theories since we don't know exactly what he has done. It definitely has to do with the human soul, and from what we see in this episode is that Castiel used Bobby's soul as a way of revving himself up to get Sam and Dean back from the 1861, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to do so on his own since he was weakened from the confrontation with Rachel.

The most common theory is that Castiel is using human souls as a way of revving himself up to go up against Raphael, and since Castiel revealed that the human soul is pure energy, this seems to be a legitimate reason to be morally conflicted about and for others to be upset once discovering this is what Castiel is doing to himself. Because Rachel did say, "look at what you're becoming" to which Castiel answered, "I don't have a choice."

Fandom seems to be going back and forth in debating whether or not Castiel is turning Dark Side, and I think the answer is pretty damn obvious. Of course he's not. Castiel is at war, and those pressures of this war are making him do things that he normally would never consider if it means that he wins. Remember that Castiel has been at this war for approximately two years with absolutely nothing to be achieved. Sometimes in war, one has to make certain sacrifices, certain compromises even if it goes against everything they once believed in, and that's the heavy weight on his shoulders. He's physically and emotionally drained from this, he's tired, exhausted; it's clear he gets absolutely no pleasure in whatever he's doing and at this point, it seems like he's almost ready to give up. Just seeing that present in this episode, and from the previous episodes, hurts my heart too much. ;___;

Now the question is how did he get influenced by this? Was it Balthazar, hence why they're suddenly working together? At what point did Castiel decide to go this destructive route? What did he compromise with? If this is about human souls revving up angels, how come it wasn't introduced in the show before? Is there something more taboo about it in the angel society than we believe it to be (i.e. angels are pure energy themselves, so using human souls to make them more powerful is prohibited much like not possessing a human vessel until the human themselves give permission)? More importantly, what will happen when the truth is finally revealed?

I will say that I am deeply emotionally attached to Castiel, I am invested with his character arc and I swear, if they make it seem like Castiel is the bad guy heads will roll. Destroying characterization is not the same as having a fascinating character arc and development.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ The Western title sequence was awesome. I knew they were gonna pay tribute to the classic westerns in this episode.

++ Still kind of disappointed there was no Firefly reference anywhere, though. It would have been nice if Dean would have mentioned something about space cowboys, particularly because he has a fetish for westerns and all. Granted, he might just like the classic old movies, but it would have been a nice shoutout nonetheless. ^_^

++ I loved the interactions in this episode, the dialogue was witty and fast-paced. I don't know why but I prefer it like that, because it makes us see the kind of relationship these characters have together.

++ RACHEL WAS AWESOME, IDGAF. HBIC RIGHT THERE. \O/ Calling out the Winchesters was absolutely marvelous, made me love her immediately because she was saying exactly what we were all thinking. I think the brothers need more than just one smack upside the head with this kind of honest talk about how they've been treating Castiel. I already wrote this in my previous post, but Rachel was certainly the Cordelia Chase-like character I wished could have stuck around more. I mean seriously show, would it hurt you to write at least one decent female character and kept her around? JFC.

++ "Is it customary to wear a blanket?" Oh Cas, you're so adorable ilu. ♥ Oh, and this:

++ Oh Dean. I love that Dean gets deflated when he soon realizes that the Old West isn't exactly like it is in the movies, the comments about the "blanet" and about his clothes being too clean, and of course when entering the saloon the women weren't clean and certainly weren't pretty. Dean Winchester just got dosed with historical accuracy, because back then things weren't pretty and shiny and neat. But I liked that he got his spirits up again when he became sheriff and played out the old west showdown in the end via the Colt.

++ Sad that Dean didn't get to ride a horse, however Sam being hesitant and Dean wincing going, "poor horse" had me cracking up. XD



++ I wasn't worried about Castiel dying, however I still GASPED OUT LOUD when we saw his grace leaking from the wound. D: And when he fell at Bobby's pretty much wounded but still able to make that sigil, and then barely could stand on his own weight. Yeah. I just about was all OMG CAS! *reaches out to hold him*

++ I loved the scenes with Castiel and Bobby. Although it wasn't nearly enough as I would have liked there to be between them, I liked that Bobby helped Castiel recover after he pretty much collapsed inside of his home, and that he took care of him in that sense. I mean, him resting his hand on Castiel when he attempted to get up was very touching, imo. And Castiel thanking him and just, awwww. ♥ We need more of these two bonding and stuff. I feel like they can relate to one another because of how they've often been mistreated by the Winchesters for their own personal convenience and whatnot.


He really was definitely worn out and fried, Dean. Can't you see just from his body language alone? Jfc, dude. Just hug your angel already, goddamn. :(

++ What's interesting is when Castiel says, "I'm never doing that again." Never doing what again? What does this mean? Never touching their souls specifically? Never touching souls again period? What does it meeeaaannn?!

Overall: I really liked this episode. It seems like these last several episodes of the season are gonna be the only worthwhile episodes to watch and be invested in, which has been a long time coming for this season alone. I knew I would enjoy the Western episode however I didn't expect it to be as emotional with the Castiel stuff as implied from the episode descriptions. I liked the transitioning between the Old West and present day of the two separate storylines going on, liked seeing the Winchesters in cowboy gear, Samuel Colt should have played a bigger role than it was implied but he did play a vital role in getting the Phoenix's ashes to them in present day, Dean as sheriff was great, and just everything else was fantastic. Also? I appreciate all the fabulous shots of Misha's face in this episode. That goes without saying obviously but still, damn he looked absolutely fine. *___* /shallow fangirl moment

Of course I'm anxiously waiting for 6.20 to get here. But that's because it's Castiel-centric and I just wanna know all the answers that we're not getting!
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