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27 April 2011 @ 05:07 am
Okay so, I've been incredibly lame and have forgotten to report on Nikita, mostly because I totally forgot when it came back from hiatus. *facepalm* Seriously though, this show you guys. This show. Has it been renewed for a second season? It would be a mistake if they didn't.


I knew that Michael wasn't going to stay completely on Division's side, and that he would eventually come around. However, I totally didn't expect it to go down like it did. That Kaseem was actually Division himself, and he was made by Percy to have Michael recruited into Division from the very beginning. That must've been such a huge mindfucking blow to him, all this mindgames and betrayal, working for the one who orchestrated the kill on his family. To be used in that way, to be trained and manipulated to work for such an organization that did something like that to his family, to him. Seeing the heartbreak on his face, him crumbling, my heart broke for him. Nikita's heart broke for him, too. Though I like that this is what solidifies on where he stands between himself and Percy and that he and Nikita are on the same page now. Which results into them breaking all that pent up unresolved sexual tension between them and finally getting together. \O/

Seeing Michael, Nikita, Alex and briefly with Owen as well, it's like finally, finally we're getting into an ensemble that I have been waiting for. Nikita, while efficient on her own, needs to have more allies and people working with her for her cause in taking down Division. Besides, and I love how Nikita and Michael interact. They're like the Mother and Father figure for Alex, and Owen is kinda like that fun, cocky sort of uncle or cousin. ;p

I also love the parallel storylines of redemption. Each character story has some form of redemption, the search for salvation and forgiveness and something to be avenged from the past.

In the latest episode we see them trying to get Alex out of Division, to fake her own death so she can get away for good. This is something she's been struggling with for a while, and seeing her making her final decision that she wants to stay and fight makes me feel very proud of her. Nikita wants the best for Alex, perhaps doesn't want her to go down the path in which she fears she might if things get too out of control, however Alex knows this and is determined to not go down that dangerous road. She wants to finish what she started when she teamed up with Nikita in the first place, not backing down, not running away. Even when she's fighting Division, Amanda constantly probing her in revealing the truth, danger lurking around every corner threatening to expose her true identity, she still remains faithful and dedicated to the mission. I love it, I love her. I love all these characters and how they're coming together.

It'll be interesting how everything goes down. While they're all working together, I sense something being revealed or exposed by the end of the season -- something will be compromised, and it's gonna be one hell of a ride, for sure.

Again, I say. This needs to be renewed ASAP. ♥
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Becky: Nikita: the kissbeckytheelf on April 27th, 2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
LOLOLOL. Oh bb <3
This is pretty much the same with me and Nikita. I totally forgot about it for a little while (BORGIAS! GAME OF THRONES! CAMELOT!) and now I'm struggling to catch up.
I don't think the CW *has* renewed it as yet but have you heard? SPN got a seventh season. I'm kind of facepalming at this. Please stop beating the dead horse. It's dead, it's in the ground, it's been buried and all the flowers have wilted into dust. PLEASE STOP.
But anyway...
Renée: Alex. Behind the mask.rogueslayer452 on April 27th, 2011 09:33 pm (UTC)
lol, I totally didn't know when the return date was, and I feel like such a bad fan because I missed a few episodes because of it. However, just with three episodes I'm all caught up and wanting more. :D

I've already expressed my opinions on SPN, however I hope that the CW realizes that Nikita deserves to be renewed because it's just that awesome. I'd be a sad panda if it didn't get a second season, for sure.

philstar22philstar22 on April 28th, 2011 12:27 am (UTC)
I had suspected that Kaseem was Division, but I thought Percy had him kill Michael's family to get Michael on his side.

This show is so epic. I love Mikita, though I ship pretty much all the men with Nikita. She's a major BAMF who should totally get to have lots of men.

The one thing that kind of bugs me is that both Nikita and Michael were fine with what Division was doing until it became personal. At least Nikita, given that she was settling down with Daniel, at least subconciously wanted out. Michael knew the things Percy was having done, he just didn't know that his family was one of them. Wrong is wrong, no matter who is the victim, and it doesn't speak well of Michael that he's that selfish.
Renée: Nikita. Alex. Butterfly.rogueslayer452 on April 28th, 2011 01:42 am (UTC)
Michael knew the things Percy was having done, he just didn't know that his family was one of them. Wrong is wrong, no matter who is the victim, and it doesn't speak well of Michael that he's that selfish.

Which is why I think they addressed this in the last episode with Michael believing the "good" that Division has done. Granted I don't think he ever believed that some of the things that Division made their agents do was actually good, but he believes in using that opportunity to do something that the government has never been able to do because of their resources.

Something else that gets me is how Michael seemed so easy to persuade. Before he and Nikita had an understanding, but then when she saved his life by not allowing him to confront Kaseem he turned on her and was about to double-cross her, but when learning the truth it changed everything and now he's completely on her side. So yeah, I do think he follows with his own personal agenda somewhat but I think his moral compass has been slightly jarred because of what has happened to him. I'm not suggesting that Michael agrees to everything Division has always done, because he does look out for the other recruits and he does care for people, but I think he sees things differently about wanting to do something that will make a difference, even if that means resorting to necessary evils to do so.