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BREAKING NEWS: Justice, it has been served.

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

This comes as being somewhat surreal, it being just about a decade since 9/11 occurred, and him being one of the world's most wanted elusive terrorists. Until now.

Also, I want to thank President Barack Obama for saying that we aren't at war with Islam, that Bin Laden was a mass murderer of Muslims as well, and that we shouldn't be blaming or attacking Islam for his heinous and inhumane acts. This is something I wish many Americans would get through their heads that Islam is not the enemy. So, hearing it from his mouth at his speech just now makes me happy and hope that people will listen to that. His entire speech was fantastic, such a wonderful speaker.

Also, I'm slightly tickled at the amount of coincidences this day brought due to this news, jsyk.
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