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I think I just threw up from disgust.

This fucking pisses me off to no end.

I don't really watch the show anymore, only keep tabs on what current ~drama is happening, and the show has gotten to levels of ridiculous at this point. However this? The fact that they are defending abusive behavior is downright sickening and disgusting on so many levels. If not the delusions of the writers for glorifying this, the Chuck-defenders are even worse for stanning and woobifying him while blaming Blair for everything that went wrong in the relationship. Yes, because it's always her fault, never his right? It's always the girl in the relationship who gets the blame for everything, even if he is selling her out to his rapist uncle for a fucking hotel and nearly tried to rape her in the most recent episode? Are you serious right now?

No. Just, no. Fuck that bullshit. >:|

Anyone who doesn't see this as blatant abuse should kindly go fuck themselves with a chainsaw.

I can't believe I actually used to like them together. -__- Blair deserves better, someone who actually respects her as a person rather than as property. Chuck...deserves to be killed off in the more horrible manner possible. He's an irredeemable bastard and the fact that they're trying to defend his actions? Sickens me so much, I can't even.
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