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Insomnia just isn't good with an overworking fangirl brain, bbs.

While I'm still processing and digesting everything from last night, gathering my emotions to make a coherent review, there is something that has been nagging at me for a while regarding Supernatural as presented loud and clear from last night. And I think this sums up my feelings on the situation very nicely:

This has been my issue with Supernatural for a while now, is that there's too much lipservice and not much showing about how the two main characters are learning and growing from their experiences. We can chalk it up saying that they have their own personal issues, but after six seasons you'd think it'd get through their thick skulls and understand where certain characters are coming from instead of being selfish and self-righteous about everything when they've done just about as bad or worse. Surely there's emotion from all sides but the show fails at presenting a clear way of showing that, even after all the things the Winchesters have gone through, what they've witnessed and experienced firsthand, they cannot see outside their own bubble and that's the infuriating part especially after watching last night's episode and seeing the hurt and dismay Castiel was going through, and how they failed at trying to understand his side.

Here in this clip, Lee Adama is actually defending Gaius Baltar when he doesn't remotely like him at all. This is what Lee Adama believes in his heart, and we've seen Lee grow over the course of the series because of this, what he's learned and what he's come to believe despite it all. Pretty much all the characters have gone through a powerful transformation at some point during the series. And guys, Battlestar Galactica had only four seasons. Supernatural has six and we're still dealing with the self-centered immaturity and recycled nonsense the Winchesters deal with. Does that seem right to you?

Now I'm not saying that Supernatural needs to be making epic speeches every episode (although that would be pretty awesome...) they really need to start upping their game at having characters learn something and actually keeping that in their minds for future reference. Don't have them say one thing, then do the opposite in the next episode. Actually giving them character development than just repeating the same shit over and over and never getting anywhere, even if they are totally flawed characters with many issues. Otherwise that's just piss-poor laziness of the writing. :/

Just, yeah. There are many things that irritate me about the show, however that is the major one that brought up my reaction from last night and it just makes no sense how they cannot see this flaw and at least try to eradicate it.

Oh and yes, that is who you think it is in the clip.
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