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Fandomosity: Jossverse, VMars, PGSM, and HBP Madness

-♠- Browncoats: SCIFI.COM has finally launched it's official Firefly webpage! Complete with gallery, episode guide, and character descriptions. Simply cannot wait for their previews for rerunning the episodes, which starts July 22nd. Shiny! Along with the ultimate squee, there might be a new Serenity trailer showing on GMTV in the UK; not completely confirmed, but still shiny nonetheless!

-♠- We Used To Be Friends: Charisma Carpenter most likely next Buffyverse actor to guest-star on Veronica Mars! It's not horribly surprising, since Alyson Hannigan did guest-star in several VMars episodes as Trina Echolls; I wonder what's in store for Charisma, and if she'll be getting a Cordelia-like part. Or, perhaps, something bigger and different. Either way, I surely hope this is to be confirmed as true -- next, let's have Michelle appear on the show! Because, if any Buffy-fan hasn't noticed lately, our little Dawnie has grown up. ♥

-♠- Moonlight Punishment Time!: I desparately need Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Act Zero on DVD, right now! Selfish needs, I know, however it's going to keep bugging me until I have the DVD in my hands, gorramit!

-♠- 2 Days: It's turning into Battle Royale within the fandom. Blood and guts everywhere. Oh joy, oh the lovely wank. Just call me Noriko Nakagawa (Girls #15), with the pokerface of Mitsuko Souma (Girls #11). Just two days left, folks.

-♠- Ruttin' Hell: Is it SEPTEMBER yet?
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