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Save the cheerleader...well, you know the rest.

Anyone remember Heroes? Seriously, what the fuck happened to that show?

I suddenly got the urge to marathon the first season (aka The Only Season That Matters) and seriously, what happened that made everything just go completely downhill after that? The show had much potential and it clearly shows that they had something going for them, but it got lost after the first season ended. I mean seriously, the mysteries kept you guessing, the characters and their stories were engaging and not stupidly annoying or overexposed as they became later on, and they actually had a plot, which was immediately retconned seasons after. Things actually made sense with the build-up they were doing rather than the actual reasoning they attempted to do in the following seasons. Which is why I consider S1 the Golden Season, since it truly is the only one that matters and I just block everything else that came after it. But seriously though, how could something that started off so good end up becoming so horribly bad and unwatchable? I just doesn't make sense.

Of course, this isn't news to anyone who has had me friended for a long while. I used to be a huge Heroes fan. Like, I fell in love instantly. I also fell out of that love just as fast. It's a reminder of how publicity and popularity can get to a creator's head, inflating it, thus ruining everything. I'm just happy that the actors have moved on, gaining their dignity back especially after how some were treated on that show. -___-

Still, the first season remains the best and I feel no shame in watching that like I do with the others. I just get pangs of nostalgia, wondering the what could have been with this show.
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