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PSA: Dragon*Con 2011

I am going to be attending Dragon*Con this year. Tickets have been bought, so it's officially official.

This will be my first official big convention. I know this is completely and totally different from the conventions I've gone to from Creation Entertainment, so it's an entirely new beast altogether.

So I pose a question: For all who have attended Dragon*Con before, can you give me your own experiences and stories? Advice, your own personal anecdotes, anything for a newbie who hasn't yet appeared at something like a big event like this before. I've looked things up beforehand about what to expect, pros and cons, experiences at panels and other people there, especially those who cosplay, however it's different for everyone and opinions vary. So, anything that would allow me to get a better picture of what I should be looking forward to would be greatly appreciated.

Also, is anyone else going to D*C this year as well?
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