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Alan Rickman....*sighs*

I've been getting pictures of Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility, practically the entire day. However, it's very hard to find screen caps from the movie because I really, really, really want to get the scene where he first appears onscreen, with such an adorable awestruck gaze at Marianne. I just want those pictures damn it!

Yes, I am an obsessive little child....let's move on.

Also I've been reading the script from the movie as well. Because my sister didn't watch the entire movie because she almost fell asleep at the beginning and, believe it or not, wanted me to see the Alan Rickman parts. Preferably when he first appears and near the end. Now I want to know what the hell actually does happen in the story. Although I did say 'Awww' at various parts as I read and literally wanted to hug Col. Brandon. How adorable can he get in this movie?

Not to mention the cuteness of his smile! *squee* Love that smile! So adorable and cute!

Can't you tell that I am overly obsessed with this man?
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