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Fandomosity: Buffyverse, Big Damn Movie, Firefly, GoF, Films

-♠- God King of the Primordium: Inevitably, there's now the Illyria costume, worn by Amy Acker herself in season five of Angel, is now being sold on E-Bay. Current bid: $3,601.00 US money; time left: 2 days, 19 hours. There's also Wesley's wardrobe he wore in the episode "Girl in Question". Current bid for that: $220.00 US money, 2 days and 19 hours left for bidding. AND -- I ain't finished yet -- Wesley's Office Ceramic Tea Set; current bid: $255.00 US money; 2 days, 19 hours. There's also Harmony's Bedroom Couch Jewelry ($102.50), as well. If anyone wants to bid on any of these items, and wins, is it possible I could come over and try/use/play with them?

-♠- Buffyverse: In the spirit of Buffyverse items, Tokyopop releases Buffy Cine-Manga in November. Yay!

-♠- Browncoats: Serenity poster taken at a 2005 Comic Con, letting the world know the intensity and the greatness of this movie. River and Mal the centerpoints while the crew below like floating heads in space. Granted, all the Serenity crew should be together where Mal is, but I figured this is just one poster in the outskirts of elsewhere. Nevertheless, this poster is shiny. The tagline: "The future is worth fighting for" should be more epic-like; "Serenity's sailing once again" or something to conclude that hey, the fandom has continued yet an introduction to those unfamiliar with the series as a whole. But oh well. This poster's still shiny either way. At least there's a poster to acknowledge the Big Damn Movie to the outside world, besides to our lovely Browncoat lovin' friends.

-♠- Shiny! Mosquito!: Fan-created spoof of Joss Whedon's Firefly, which can be downloaded on their website. Recommended for all Firefly fans and newcomer of the series because, really, this shit is too awesome not to miss.

-♠- Rise Uncle Voldie, Rise!: For the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire film, there will be an extended trailer showing at the San Diego Comic-Con -- lucky ducklings. Anywho, there's a detailed description of what's to be expected of this trailer, read it here on Ain't It Cool News. Luckily, Mike Newell added Harry's wibbling clumsily while attempting to ask Cho Chang to the Yule Ball. I so want to see Harry be all woobified, because he's such an ickle woob you wanna hug.

-♠- Memoirs of a Geisha: Production photos of the upcoming film. Including a beautiful shot of Zhang Ziyi as Nitta Sayuri, the geisha version, and another shot.

Just a sidenote: yes, I have retrieved the sixth Harry Potter book as of today, and no I haven't started yet. Probably won't until some time later, actually. However, from the standpoints and non-spoilery minors details my sister's telling me it's quite good -- and the interesting thing about it is that the incredible wank that's been happening in the fandom was for absolutely nothing. Really. I mean, from my sister's words -- the situation is quite hilarious, and shouldn't be taken seriously.

I am Spoiler-Phobic, especially since the HP fandom obviously hasn't grasped maturity yet (i.e. wankage, wankage, spoilers, and did I mention the wankage?) Give me unconditional spoilerage, you shall die a slow and painful death by spider bits and being throw to the Reavers. I hold no mercy for my actions if one is to give me spoilers that I do not want. Kapishe?
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