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Dean/Castiel rec + my own thoughts on the latest wankcraze.

Me and Mine by AlreadyPainfullyGone
Castiel is a gay priest and devoted to repressing himself, until he meets seventeen-year-old Dean who needs help in denying his own sexuality. Inconvenient though it is, they fall in love and move from denial to platonic love to something more complex.

I just found this story today and I instantly loved it. Of course, I love anything dealing with the concept of priest!Castiel, and of course with the controversy and issues regarding questioning of sexuality, and just like with the Voice of the Turtledove this one also handles it wonderfully. There's emotion and pain and angst, so much beautiful angst. My only complaint is that I wish the ending had more elaboration, it felt too abrupt and rushed after all that happened. But overall, it's a touching and moving story.


Regarding the recent controversy that stirred up fandom (for those who don't know, it's this piece of bullshit), I think it's fair to say that such a thing is incredibly appalling and those who are behind it, whether they are serious or not, are absolutely pathetic and totally disgusting on the lowest of levels I can't even. This isn't something to be trolling around with, the organizers have been notified as well as the security for the cast and it is going to be dealt with accordingly. It is rather unbelievable something like this even came up in the first place. But fandom, being the awesome people that they are, took action against it and notified authorities of this threat and hopefully nothing will come out of it. If anything does, karma will be a bitch and severely bite them on the ass.
Tags: dean/castiel, fandom, supernatural
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