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Joss Whedon: The Man of Many Mysteries

While attending a Comic-Con showing new footage for Serenity, revealing that the movie centers around River Tam's (played by Summer Glau) mysterious backstory. According to the ComingSoon.Net small article of Comic-Con International 2005, which has mild spoilers within but I dared not repeat them, Joss Whedon expresses the issue that keeps coming about with sounds in space:
When quizzed about the 'sound in space' argument, the always witty Whedon responded: "There will be no sound in the blackness of space. On the edge of space, there will be some sound... and on the planets there will be lots of talking."
Which the quote following right after includes an interesting tidbit about our lovely Joss that even I didn't even know. Which isn't technically a good thing or a bad thing, just probably a secretive thing that wasn't revealed until recently. This, of course, regards the Jossverse and Harry Potter -- in the literal sense:
Whedon was spied by at least one fan at a local San Diego bookstore overnight purchasing the new "Harry Potter" book. For the record, Whedon's favorite "Harry Potter" character is Hermione.
Intriguing, though not entirely surprising. In fact it makes perfect sense. Kickass lead female characters having a mind of their own, full of witticisms and knowledge that kicks male characters in the groin -- that's the 'verse that Joss lives with; it's what he's about, basically. Why else would he create the Buffyverse if not to give females something to have a super-heroine to look up to. Hermione Granger, in the Harry Potter series, is exactly like that. Excellent choice, Joss. Excellent choice.
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