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I can has Agent Wells now?

Just saw the second preview for Haven S2. Score! I just wish it wasn't so far away....

And for all you Warehouse 13 fans, there was an announcement recently that the character of H.G. Wells is going to get her own spin-off. This has me excited, but also a little hesitant.

Spin-offs are generally a hit-or-miss, and this network isn't known for keeping spin-offs for very long anymore anyway. Also, when this was first announced I found myself wondering how in the world they were gonna do this, because quite frankly I would like to see more H.G. Wells in WH13, particularly after what happened last season and her relationship with Myka and how that was gonna be resolved. However, thinking it over, I think they're gonna go directly from the beginning of her story, retelling it from her eyes which hopefully would lead us to seeing another reappearance on WH13. Judging from the description we're gonna see her involvement with Warehouse 12, her experiments which will include lots and lots of steampunk, which has me excited. My wish for this spin-off, however, is to see more evidence of her flexible sexuality, given how it was revealed in canon that she's bisexual. More of this, please. ^_^

I just need my feel-good shows back. After all the angsting and anger and defeat that has arisen from fandom lately, I just need my happy summer shows to bring me back my sanity.
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