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Let me tell you about my addictions....

First: You guys have to read this, immediately. Beautiful yet heartbreaking, but most of all I swear this seems like something that would actually happen in the show itself. If you know, handled with care to show how profound their bond is even after everything. *___*

In other news, Tumblr. I know don't what it is about that site but seriously, I. Can't. Stop. Reblogging. It's addictive. It's not with the immediate response with comments and whatnot, unless you have lots of followers to reply and write something in your ask box, however the ability to simply reblog something you see is just so addicting. Don't worry though, I won't be abandoning LJ (like that's even possible, pssh, this is like my home yo) it's just so super new and exciting right now and since the site changed its dash (much to everyone's displeasure) I've been figuring out the features and such. So yeah, that's what's happening with me lately.
Tags: dean/castiel, supernatural, tumblr
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