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Pretty Little Liars: "It's Alive" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.01 "It's Alive"

This episode left me feeling awful and sad for the girls, more than usual.

First they have to deal with everyone thinking that they're crazy, crying wolf just for the attention, their parents telling them they need to see a therapist and then, after consulting with the therapist, tell the girls they cannot see each other. I felt absolutely horrible for them and what they're going through, Spencer especially because she literally has no one. She has her friends and she has Toby, but she cannot see them except in secrecy, and other than that? She's utterly alone, not to mention still a person of interest in Alison's murder. :( There is a personal vendetta against Spencer here, more so than the other girls, and I just am terrified for her.

There is a point where you do want to go, "just tell them everything!" because they are literally in a life or death situation here, not just petty pranks in revealing their secrets. But then you see what is piled up against them, and if anyone would believe them, and how far A and whoever is working with A is willing to go to expose and hurt them.

PRIME "A"/ALISON'S MURDER SUSPECTS: Melissa is really suspicious, more now than in last season, based on that last scene in the episode. Who is she hiding? Ian? Someone else? There's always something about her where she's mean one moment and overly nice the next to Spencer. Noel is back and being more of an asshole than ever. Jenna and Garrett are certainly suspicious, though possibly working from another agenda instead of what has been happening, though it could definitely be connected to what A is looking through. It's all connected.

There are just so many people looking highly suspicious right now, all who have their own agendas and who could be hiding something themselves. It makes playing "guess whodunit" very interesting, if somewhat frustrating (but in a good way.) Mostly because A is always one-step ahead of them, always getting the upper hand and never letting up. It makes whoever this person (or persons) more menacing and dangerous than your typical Gossip Girl-wannabe in revealing secrets and destroying lives. Of course, this is half of the fun of this show, not just with the character relationships but playing this guessing game and just having your theories twisted in every direction when something else comes along.

Other things in this episode:

** I'm glad that Hanna confronted Mona, however still sad about her and Caleb. Of course, I feel like this isn't the last time we'll be seeing Caleb. I think after everything, Hanna really needs Caleb right now despite all that happened.

** Perhaps this makes me a bitch, but I'm hoping that Aria and Ezra break up this season. Or that something happens, or that she reveals everything to him about what they're going through. Because honestly? I find their relationship so ultimately boring. That is my least favorite thing about this show, has been since I started watching. I want something interesting, dammit.

** Toby and Emily are back on speaking terms again. :) And I'm happy that Spencer and Toby are still together, even with the complications that they are hurdling over just to be with each other and figure things out. OTP ILU. ♥

** I said this above, but I am very scared for the girls. The feeling about not being believed, of everyone around you doubting you, thinking that you're lying about something that truly did happen, it's not just frustrating but it makes you feel so alone. Believe me, I know that feeling, and it's just worse for them. Seeing the accusations, being called crazy and tearing them apart, it's just a heart-wrenching thing to see because they are the only people holding each other together. Especially with the prospect of Emily having to move, that makes it even harder. Although I don't think she will, not permanently, because how can you tell this story by leaving Rosewood? Everything that happens in Rosewood stays in Rosewood, and I don't think A would allow Emily to leave. Because sadistic as it is, they're not through tormenting her and her friends yet.....

Can I just say that this show never fails at bringing in the suspense? I know some people will think it's lame or whatever, but the way the scenes are filmed, bringing the tension and putting you at the edge of your seat. I had nearly forgotten that's what watching an episode weekly does to you. And now I'm anticipating what the next episode will be like, what will happen to the girls and trying to figure out who the fuck is A and what they plan on doing next.

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