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25 June 2011 @ 02:17 pm
Pretty Little Liars: "The Goodbye Look" Episode Review  
Pretty Little Liars 2.02 "The Goodbye Look"

So....I'm guessing they changed actors for Jason? Because that's not who played him in S1.

Nevertheless, I'm having serious suspicions regarding Jason right now. I think Jason is who Melissa has been seeing. Either this whole time and that Ian has just been her alibi or since Ian disappeared, hence the whole text message being rather cryptic. What if Ian is dead and Melissa has been putting up a front to conceal everything? Obviously she's hiding something and pining it all on Spencer, blaming her, etc. This whole situation is rather sketchy and confusing as hell, but fascinating. But I'm also still worried for Spencer because everything is pointing towards her. In fact, I think when Jason confronted Spencer about what Ian said that night inside the church bell tower, the way he was asking questions for her to answer is very similar to how certain people ask questions to get a specific string of words out in a certain kind of confession. What if Jason had a recording device on him? Wanting to use it against Spencer in saying that she committed the crime? After all, he did say that she had already "helped" him. :O

Seriously, I'm scared for her and I just want her to be safe, for people outside of her friends and Toby to believe her. Out of all the girls, I feel like Spencer is truly the one who is in absolute danger here.

I predicted something would be preventing Emily from leaving Rosewood. I mean, either A is pulling strings so she would end up staying or this is just mere coincidence, but there's no way they could have Emily move away. I've said it before and I'll say it again, as sick as it sounds, A is not finished with Emily to let her leave town that easily.


It's odd thinking that this is an unpopular opinion, but with this fandom apparently it is. I think Samara and Emily have great chemistry together, she's not a forced or contrived character like Paige had been. There's something natural about the actress and how she molds in this kind of role. I think she's exactly the fit for Emily and where she is now, she doesn't need anyone holding her back and isn't afraid of moving forward. For anyone who dislikes Samara because she isn't Paige well, sucks for you. Emily needs someone on the same wavelength and that someone seems to be Samara.

The Aria/Ezra stuff was so fucking cheesy I found it over-the-top and ridiculous.

I'm not just saying this because I dislike them, but the whole slow-motion at the end and the unnecessary (and obvious ADR) of her going "Ezra!" when she ran up to kiss him in the unrealistically empty school parking lot was just, OH MY GOD JUST STOP THIS IS GETTING STUPIDLY RIDICULOUS. I'm glad that Aria was standing her ground and not sticking around for Ezra when she waited and waited for him in his apartment, but honestly? These two are just so, ugh. I honestly hope this is the end of them, or if not then I hope it's the last we see of them together for a while because they are just wasting screentime at this point.

Mostly, this episode demonstrated that the girls need each other now more than ever. Like we needed more demonstration considering everything that's been done to them and all.

But I sometimes feel frustrated when nobody listens to them, though when you look at the evidence from the outside their story doesn't always match up to the evidence that is nonexistent to support anything that they say. It's just really frustrating but at the same time you think....who would go to such lengths to be this crafty and always one step ahead of them? Who would be everywhere all at once tracking these girls down and what they do, who knew all of their secrets? How is it all connected?

Melissa and Jason are definitely on my watch list because they seem to be more suspicious than anyone else right now.

These reviews are coming in later than expected, for anyone who has been reading them I do apologize. I haven't really been keeping track of that and I end up getting distracted with the other shows I am currently trying to catch up on (having too many fandoms, who knew?)
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kaiyotekaiyote on June 26th, 2011 01:11 am (UTC)
I'm totally suspicious of Jason! Is it possible that the baby could actually be his? Or do the timelines not match up? Or is it possible that Ian, Melissa, AND Jason are somehow all involved and like conspiring together!?

People don't like Emily and Samara together? BUT THEY'RE SO ADORABLE. D: And people liked Paige and Emily together? Wat?

I SERIOUSLY MUTE THE TV AND LOOK AWAY WHEN ARIA AND EZRA ARE ON SCREEN. All of their interaction like... freaks me out, lol.

I wish the girls were at least being more clever with the evidence they have had. Like the videos and everything? Why not at least back them up? Or why not at least have them on ALL of their computers or at least something!? D:
Renée: Pretty Little Liars. Emily.rogueslayer452 on June 26th, 2011 01:48 am (UTC)
That is exactly what I was thinking! I mean, I'm kind of positive that the baby is definitely Jason's, and all of three of them (Melissa, Jason and Ian) have been acting incredibly suspicious and might be conspiring together. Possibly by means of covering up Alison's murder. Everything, from Ian and Melissa's marriage to the baby, is all an alibi to not suspect them.

But it begs the question, is someone of the three A or not? O_O

To be honest, I've seen it rather split. Some really think Emily and Samara are cute together and some think that Samara is a filler before Paige ~magically~ returns or something like that. Then again, many people in this fandom love Aria and Ezra together so, heh. I much want to see Samara stick around for a while. I want them to be like how Spencer and Toby are, that they mesh perfectly and that Emily can be herself when she's with Samara. They click rather well. :)

I wish the girls were at least being more clever with the evidence they have had. Like the videos and everything? Why not at least back them up? Or why not at least have them on ALL of their computers or at least something!? D:

I was actually surprised that they actually did back-up what was on the flash drive the first time. But yeah, I hear you. I love them but they have to start thinking ahead -- they know what A is capable of and they have to start thinking outside of the box more. Think about getting recording devices, start Veronica Marsing it up a bit. I mean, Alison was good at hiding things and keeping things secured, they should start thinking more along those lines.