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Shiny Fandom: Shiny, Shiny, Shiny International Trailer

The Browncoats are still flyin' strong, now more than ever because:

Big Damn Movie has Big Damn International Trailer

It's shiny, oh so very shiny. There's more Kaylee shots, loads more River doing a ballet-like fighting sequence, Simon being all pretty and Mal being, well, Mal. Gunfights, space cowboys, though nothing indicating the Reavers in this one unlike the American version, but we all know they're still going to make their frightening appearance. I was surprised to see no Book or Inara scenes, besides the ones already shown in the other trailer.

Still, this is probably the kickass trailer (even though I liked the dramatic music from the American one better than in this one, but more shinyness and Joss Whedony dialogue galore here!) Shiny and loads more shiny.

Is it September yet?
Tags: big damn movie, firefly, serenity

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