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Random thoughts that invaded my mind.....

01. I feel that sometimes fandom, and even the show itself at times, underestimates Castiel's badassery, to a point where I want to smack them upside the head with the Casifesto so they can reeducate themselves on his character.

02a. Honestly, I'm disappointed that we didn't learn anything about Mary's side of the family, other than they're just a bunch of assholes. I'm intrigued with the family bloodline of hunters in general and when we learned about Mary being from a family a hunters I wanted to know more about that side, their history, how far back their hunter line went, etc. Unfortunately that storyline went nowhere and they amounted to nothing in the sixth season, only leaving the impression that they were all pessimistic assholes, like most hunters turn out to be. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why Mary wanted to leave that life for good, but I guess we'll never know.

02b. Additionally, I would love to see John's side of the family. We know that John has the bloodline for angelical intervention, so I would like at least have more information about that. Although I don't think we ever will, it's just something worth to explore more since it is Winchester-related. Moreover, can we have JDM and Matt Cohen back? Seriously.


04. Good Omens: Mark Sheppard is Crowley no matter what, but who would be Aziraphale? Misha Collins or Sebastian Roche? Discuss.
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