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Pretty Little Liars: "My Name Is Trouble" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.03 "My Name Is Trouble"

The beginning was very creepy, and very well-done, cloaking it as a dream sequence. Scarily though, I would imagine that kind of scenario would be highly probable considering all the creepy things A has done to the girls. But seriously, I would absolutely flip my shit if this ever happened to me irl.

SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH JASON? HE'S CREEPER THIS SEASON THAN LAST SEASON. D: still not helping with the changed actors but whatever

It's obvious that he's hiding something inside that house, or someone. But this places a lot of things into question: are Melissa and Jason working together? Have they, along with Ian, been hiding something this whole time and, just like with our girls, been trying to remain it a secret without anyone finding out? Are they involved with whatever happened to Alison? Why is Melissa being so secretive otherwise, esp with going over to see Jason a few times? Is the baby not Ian's, but Jason's? And how does Wren factor into all of this? Argh, all of these web of questions is giving me a headache. Which is a positive note towards the show for staying with the mysterious guessing game of this whole thing, it keeps getting excessively creepier with each episode. Kudos to you, show.

Flashbacks are another thing this show does extremely well, and this episode didn't disappoint. In fact, it surprised me with what they showed in the flashback.

It's rare that we see Alison Dilaurentis expressing any kind of vulnerability in the flashbacks, anything that lets her guard down and shows what's underneath, because that wouldn't be who Alison was to many people. She didn't allow people in, to see that side of her even with her own circle of friends. I thought this was a very nice way of showing it, lets you see how she isn't invincible and actually does has feelings. It makes you feel sad because while the rest of the girls tell her their secrets, she never revealed them hers, and it makes me wonder if Alison ever had anyone she went to. It also makes you wonder what really did happen to her, not just with her death but the things she never told the girls. We see here that she's trying to hold herself back from breaking down, holding her emotions in, and Spencer sees how upset she is and tries to see if she's okay, but she doesn't say anything. It really makes you think that, despite the things that Alison did, you really have to try to see what lies behind that mask she placed on.

Even though it might have been a dream/hallucination, Alison did say the Hanna that she told the truth at the wrong person and the wrong time, what if whatever happened to her the night she disappeared happened because she wanted to get back at whatever happened to her that night of Jason's party? Yeah, as you can tell, I think a lot about this, lol.

This scene creeped me out more than it should, I think. I know it was supposed to be a sentimental side to Jenna, kind of mirroring the sentimental side of Alison in the flashback, showing that she isn't exactly that threatening as she seems, just has a lot of pain. However for some reason, despite her telling the sad tale about how she wishes she could see and reminisces about a certain memory, just when she recognizes it was Aria she turned from that sentimental peace to completely shutting down. Her voice changes from soft to hard instantly, telling Aria to blow out the candle and....I don't know. I know she was scared off by allowing herself to breakdown in front of Aria like that, thinking that Aria didn't deserve to hear that story, but still, Jenna is still incredibly creepy to me. Because I don't think it's a mere coincidence that she was taking that pottery class the same as Aria was.

Also, this revealed that Jenna sees shadows instead of images, therefore confirming that she can see but not really. Hence why she wanted to experience the shadow-play of the candle through the holder as it spun around, so she could feel like she was swimming underwater again. I mean if she could see, she wouldn't have been so harsh when realizing it was Aria she was speaking to, you know?


ALSO HOLDING-HANDS AND KISSING EZRA IN PUBLIC OF THE COLLEGE IS STILL IN PUBLIC REGARDLESS. IT'S ONLY BEEN LIKE WHAT A WEEK SINCE HE LEFT AND YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IS WATCHING. I MEAN YOUR OWN FATHER WORKS THERE FFS, YOU DON'T THINK ANOTHER COLLEAGUE COULD HAVE SEEN YOU TWO TOGETHER AND WOULD HAVE TATTLED ON YOUR DAD ABOUT THAT? LIKE I'M SURE EZRA'S EX IS GONNA CONFRONT HIM ABOUT IT AND POSSIBLY THREATEN TO TELL ARIA'S FATHER ABOUT IT IF HE DOESN'T BREAK IT OFF. JUST, UGH, USE YOUR BRAINS CHILDREN! Seriously, I just don't see the point of adding more of senseless drama for Aria and Ezra. We get it, it's still not acceptable, something is always gonna get in the way of them, blah blah blah move the frak on with something interesting for once, because this? Is just old and tired and I'm bored with them. -__-

Emily, on the other hand, surprised me in this episode about her revising that letter. I love that Aria was apprehensive about it and Hanna was totally praising her rebelling skills. lol This shows how Emily really really doesn't want to go to Texas, and was willing to do anything, including forgery of the acceptance letter, to prevent that from happening. But seeing her not liking it and, in the end, destroying the letter because of her conscience, that was nice to see as well. Even if she wanted to stay in Rosewood, she knew that that wasn't the best way to go.

Except this happened....

"You can't play Cat and Mouse if the Mouse moves to Texas. I need you here, Em. Congrats! - A"


I mean, I knew that A wouldn't allow Emily to leave Rosewood regardless but the way this played out really freaked me out, not gonna lie. How would A have known what Emily did with the letter by tearing it up and where to leave the message? Unless there is a video camera setup somewhere in the room (A has been in Emily's room, A could have planted something in there to see and know all, more than usual....) This makes me worried about what A might be doing in the future for Emily, in regards with the scholarship and perhaps with her possible newfound relationship with Samara. Girl, watch your back.

Okay, this scene with Spencer and Melissa pissed me off. Spencer is trying to reassure, if not her sister than herself, that they still have a sisterly bond and despite everything, if anything happened, Melissa would be there to defend and have her sister's back no matter what. She retells a story about how Melissa went in her defense when they were kids.....and Melissa just blew her off, saying she didn't remember, and that she wasn't looking to go down "memory lane" because her husband was missing, and that she didn't want Spencer to make her pick sides.

Now, I'm not entirely sure if Melissa was affected by the story or not and is just playing a particular part for whatever she is hiding, but after the emotional scene with Spencer and her just not giving anything really angered me and saddened me. It makes me think about when Spencer was telling a story to Toby and how she ran away from home and returned and nobody noticed she was gone, and now this. Her sister not even having reassuring her of anything in that moment, just wow. It's moments like this that remind me why I consider her friends to be her real family than her own blood, because they are more supportive of her than her sister or parents are. Poor Spence. *hugs her tightly*

Hanna: Great. Everyone's got a life, except for me.
Aria: I thought you were going to the mall with Mona?
Hanna: Stealing moisturizer isn't a life, it's a hobby. And it's getting really boring...
Spencer: You stole this?
Hanna:'s a sample.

Also, both Spencer and Hanna had excellent one-liners tonight. I'm convinced they have the best lines of the entire show, period. I love how snarky Spencer can be with her dry humor and how straightforward Hanna can be sometimes. Hanna has that Cordelia Chase quality to her with her sarcasm and honesty, and Spencer has a kind of smart snarky wit that I just love. And this is why they're tied as my top favorite characters on the show. :)

Hanna and Lucas together, I was wondering when that would happen. I'm actually very glad that they haven't forgotten him, and the fact that he is still helping out Caleb. Which is an interesting turn of events, Hanna helped out Caleb before and now Lucas is helping him out by letting him crash at his place. Also, Hanna helping Lucas out was sweet, and I like that she took a lesson from her mother, by showing that people can change despite the things that they've done in the past. That you don't cut them out from your life, and she tried to prove that to Lucas by helping him getting to know the girl he was crushing on. I only hope this means that she can eventually forgive Caleb and get back together with him, because this extends to that relationship too and I'm sure she's thought about it when her mother said those words to her.


Overall, this episode was rather freaking intense, and judging from interviews they say it's only gonna get more intense and darker. God, I love this show.

Oh, and while on the topic, having seen some interviews with the cast and the Ustream videos that Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell have done? I think I adore all of them more now than before, they're all so cute and personable and I love their friendships with each other. It's also bizarre that Shay and Troian are around my age (Shay a year younger, Troian a year older) and the actress who plays Alison is only fifteen years old. O_O
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