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Fandomosity: Still Flyin', Big Damn Movie, Advertisements, GoF

-♠- Can't Stop The Signal: Literally. The Signal is a podcasting, brought to you by fans, that's all about everything in relation to the Fireflyverse. The entire site is incredibly shiny, and you can download the MP3 links and listen to the show. There's a countdown to Serenity for every country imaginable; the the podcasting network there's individual sections, inculding a specific Sci-Fi Podcaster reviewing each episode in his personal opinion, learning more indepth of the series towards newcomers, favorite music of the show, and learning how to speak Chinese with clips and much more! Okay, it's shinier than how I'm explaining it -- it's definitely a must-listen to all Browncoats out there.

-♠- Still Flyin': Firefly premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel earlier this evening! It was the original pilot episode, the first part, first hour of the two-parter pilot that FOX never aired until it was too late. Next Friday will be the second part of the pilot after an encore of tonight's episode -- so be sure to catch it!

-♠- Space Cowboys: Somewhat brief mentioning, significant or not, but the Firefly and Serenity sensation has grown large to make it to it's very own Yahoo!News article spot. Hopefully a stronger fanbase means more movies will be in creation. Go Browncoats!

-♠- Dark Times Lie Ahead, Harry: After last night's Entertainment Weekly released some newly released photographs from the Goblet of Fire film, today the WB has officially released high-resolutions of these pictures. Including Harry standing in the graveyard, all spooky and creepifying, a promotional shot of Harry in the Hero Stance Position, Behind the Scenes: Daniel Radcliffe with Mike Newell (notice the other Champions in the background), and Harry standing at the window in the impressive Owlery Room -- also take notice at the owl poop and feathers everywhere (like it'd be hard to notice you're standing in bird do-do).

-♠- Advertisement: Watch Firefly on the Sci-Fi Channel, on Friday's at 7:00pm. If you didn't catch this evenings first part of the pilot, it'll be rerunning next Friday at 6:00pm before the second part premieres. Watch it, and love it! If you weren't a Browncoat before believe me, you will after you experience it.

SCI-FI will also show an all-new (supposedly) U.S. trailer for Serenity next Friday. *holds back squee 'cause I have international trailer* Oh, who am I kidding? Any trailer promoting Serenity sounds like a good trailer to me.
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