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Sucker Punch: Or, Why I Think "Censorship" Is Complete Bullshit.

Thankfully, some generous folks have uploaded the Sucker Punch deleted scenes, and let me just say that this scene in particular I feel was so incredibly crucial to the entire point of the story being told of the film, that I need to share my own thoughts and rant about why the MPAA are total idiots.

This scene was cut before returning back into the actual reality of Babydoll in the mental institution getting lobotomized, however I feel like cutting it was such a huge mistake. This scene brought us to who the High Roller is, and unlike the threatening force of Blue, he's actually very calm and gentle, not demanding or controlling and definitely not attempting to take advantage of her. But instead, he's offering her an out, freedom, getting away from the worries of the world outside and letting her take control of something in her life for once. She consents to him, willingly, and in a sense the High Roller (who is the medical doctor who performs her lobotomy in reality) is her freedom, and she gets that in end. Pure and total freedom. Which in the theatrical cut him, as the doctor, saying in puzzlement, "Did you see the way she looked at me? It was like she wanted me to do it..." in regards to lobotomizing her makes much more sense when this scene was added before it.

It also gives Babydoll yet another voice, saying that her end was of her own consent, that this is precisely what she wanted. She didn't just stay behind because of a self-sacrificial part of getting Sweet Pea to escape, but it was because this was her choice in freedom, which isn't with the outside world but rather something else, something that is completely for herself. The whole movie was her finding her voice, finding a way of fighting for not just those around her, the rest of the girls, but also for herself, to take charge of her own destiny. I feel like this scene demonstrates this fully and there's no mistaking what this film is actually about.

In short, the MPAA are fuckheads who should never have cut this scene, or any of the other scenes.

Furthermore, I'd like to add that anyone who were naysayers of this film, criticized it for whatever reason, esp those slamming it, claiming it to be sexist and misogynistic, and everyone else who still hasn't watched the film yet please watch the extended director's cut version. It explains things way clearer than the theatrical release and, even though I already loved the film, it actually flows better when you put everything together. Sometimes there are movies where you don't understand it or don't get it until that one particular scene that clicks everything together, and makes the whole viewing experience switch on for you like a discovery you didn't know you had. This was that scene, and it's highly disappointing that they didn't even consider adding it in.

Not sure that would have stopped the naysayers from criticizing the film however, but at least it would have given the full version of Snyder's vision of the story he was telling from the start without things getting muddled around through meaningless censorship.
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