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I'd be anywhere but here....

It's one of those days where you think about going outside to run some errands, but then you realize just how hot and unbearable it is outside, and you go, "fuck that shit," and retreat inside, thinking that you'll wait until the weekend to do them. Yep, that is exactly what just happened to me. Plus, it makes me wish that I had a freaking pool in the backyard.

So, I has some interview meme questions from beckytheelf:

1) If you could be anywhere in the world right now (as you're reading this), where would you be?
Honestly, it would be Hawaii. There are many places I would love to go and visit, however for some reason I've been wanting to go to Hawaii for the longest time, and right now I would love to be there.

2) If you could spend one entire day with OUR OVERLORD what would you do don't say him now and where would you go?
Oh man, this is rather tough because I would honestly just want to follow him anywhere in his daily life, because you know the man leads a fascinating life regardless. Hell, I would watch him do boring, mundane things and I would be happy, no lie.

However to answer this question fully, I honestly would love to spend an entire day with Misha, his wife and his son at an amusement park like Disneyland or Disney World. Being there to see them spending some quality family time, because between all the conventions and interviews and traveling back and forth with filming and such, I would just love to spend some time with him that isn't in that kind of setting. To see him spending time with his family, to experience seeing him in a domestic kind of setting like going on a family vacation and showing him around, I think that is something worthwhile to spend an entire day with.

3) Say you were suddenly the showrunner of Supernatural...what would you do with Season 7?
First, I would get rid of Sera Gamble from the entire staff and have Ben Edlund be my wingman. I would also bring back Jeremy Carver.

Secondly, I would redirect all the writers, Kripke included, to specific episodes demonstrating the characters and the relationships with each other, showing how they interact and who these characters are at their core of everything, and present them the flaws and issues with how the show has recently been handling these developments. Moreover, I would also like to talk to them about how they lack at writing women properly and respectfully, and how that should change immediately. I would make this show more women-friendly than it's been (which is ever since the beginning.) Or better yet, just hire new sets of writers who I know can actually handle writing women and understanding the story of the characters, and other characters who won't be killed off or forgotten.

Thirdly, I would fix all the wrongdoings and all the shit that happened in the sixth season and try to make things actually make sense and consistent with what should have happened, and what should happen from here on out. There are many things I would do, such as repair the relationship between Dean and Castiel and actually help make them canon more than they already are, I would have a consistent storyline that actually provides some use to the overall seasonal arc, I would still have the brothers be together as a family without having anything splitting them apart, however I would add more characters to be allies and friends and actually help them, know all those things we all wished the show would process in developing but keeps being a broken record. I would fix that broken record and make sure it's all fluid again. I mean really, there are so many things to fix it's ridic, however, with the help of others, I'm sure by being showrunner we could make this show go out on the high-note it should go out on.

Fourthly, I would conclude that the seventh season would be, without a doubt, the last season and construct everything carefully to maintain proper development of the story and the characters overall. I would make the finale MOTHERFUCKING EPIC, complete with actual battles, you know, the ones the show barely delivers on, and the finale episode would be called "Carry On My Wayward Son" because...what else would it be called? Plus, in this finale Dean and Castiel will declare their love and it would all be worth it, but you know that was a long-time coming anyway.

BONUS: I would have guest-writers and directors from other shows, those that know their shit and have quality projects to back it all up. Because you know, we need more quality writers on this show and believe me, I would know just who would perfect for understanding the characters and putting everything into perspective through excellent writing.

4) What's your favorite movie of all time?
The Sound of Music. I think this is the movie that defines my childhood, I watched this because it's one of my mother's favorite movies and I rewatched it over and over and over as a kid. It's partly why I enjoy musicals so much, and it reminds me of watching it with my mom. I also want to mention Hans Christian Anderson because it's the movie I watched, again with my mom, that made me want to become a ballet dancer.

5) If you could time travel...where and when would you go to?

This one is actually very difficult to answer, there are many eras in our history that I would love to travel to and just experience firsthand. I often daydream and fantasize about traveling back in time, to any era and moment of history, wondering about what happened and how I would adjust to being in a different time, how things are different between then and now. I think it would be remarkable to just travel back anywhere, to be honest. Historical moments or just to experience a particular era, or something in your family history (I would love to see how my mother was in high school, and whether we would actually be friends....)
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