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Pretty Little Liars: "Blind Dates" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.04 "Blind Dates"

How is it that this show gets creepier and creepier?

The beginning was so creepy, just from the billboard message alone. It's like, I would start freaking out if I found anything remotely resembling anyone looking at me after getting a text from my anonymous stalker. O_O Of course once Spencer came back the ring would be gone, but I wonder what A had to do to bribe the pawn shop owner because if Spencer promised to be back? But then again, the pawn shop owner was probably skeevy and would be bribed into anything via money, regardless if anyone would be back for the possessions or not. I betcha Spencer would have gone to the police, had it not been a.) her sister's wedding ring and b.) they weren't already suspicious by the police of Rosewood already.

I realize the point of separating the girls, but I still find it rather irrational to have them be separated while in school, as well. I mean, they're classmates after all.

Let's talk about the wonderful threesome of Hanna, Caleb and Lucas. I wish we got more of them hanging out together because I feel like, if Hanna needs more friends outside of the rest of her girls, they could be the fabulous trio and it'd be awesome. Of course there's still some tension and resistance between Hanna and Caleb because of what happened last season, but I feel like we're getting to a point where they can finally come to terms with it and get back together? Hopefully? Anyway, I loved the double-date thing and I think Lucas is rather cute when he doesn't know how to approach a girl with the dating scene, and Hanna and Caleb acting as his wing-people helping him out. I loved that they were both looking at him with this, "what are we gonna do with him?" expression. Again, fabulous trio.

But what I loved about Hanna this episode was how she finally dealt with letting go of Alison. Her approaching the therapist of her own freewill was the first big step, and just "talking" to Alison was amazing to see. I liked that she held her own and just told Alison what she thought, and that she wasn't going to let Alison interrupt her life anymore and is moving on.

But it makes me worried. Despite that Alison being something that Hanna conjured up, something that she knows Alison would say and respond to, it makes me wonder if Ali has a point about Hanna and the other girls. What if the other girls are moving on but Hanna cannot for some reason? What if Hanna might start hallucinating Alison wherever she is? I know that's probably not gonna happen, since the scene was her way of moving on as the others have, but it makes for an interesting thought. Because out of all the girls, Hanna has hallucinated Alison twice now (once in the hospital while drugged, second here in the therapists office.) I don't know if this show might do something like that, but the other girls have only had flashbacks of memories with Alison, not seen Alison in real life and communicated with her as Hanna has.

Speaking of which, this is truly the most frightening thing:

Talk about amping things up, this is the first time A has ever done something to someone else other than the girls deliberately like this. Trashing the therapists office with the message written on the wall. So A is targeting the therapist now, but it makes me think for what? All Hanna did was get closure with dealing with Alison, that hardly merits getting vandalized. Unless she told the therapist the things that she and her friends did with Alison that weren't so great. But still, it makes you wonder how far A is willing to go and why they are targeting the therapist specifically. But of course, perhaps now things will be dealt with because of what happened next in the episode.

I honestly feel like Wren might not entirely be innocent as he claims to be, same with Melissa and also Jason. There's too much sneaking around on their parts to make me think otherwise. Still, Spencer going to him and demanding for him to tell her what is going on was rather brave of her, and I think after everything she deserves some kind of straight-up answer from him. Setting up the meeting with Melissa to locate Ian was the riskiest thing ever, but I'm glad they did it. I think the girls realize that they need answers now or they'll never get them at all, and this was their only shot.

Then things got really intense, really quickly.

"I killed Alison. I lost my temper because she knew too much. But there's only so much you can bury. It won't be that easy, but I know how to get rid of the pain. I can't run from the law. Come and find me. - I"

It's obvious A wrote that letter, and I'm pretty sure that A also killed Ian for whatever reason since his suicide so also completely staged. But.....he's definitely dead, and the letter is fireproof to show that the girls were telling the truth. Though I feel like this is a setup for something else, because with Pretty Little Liars even if one thing closes there's always something else behind them. Even if the girls get off the hook and can probably see each other again, it still doesn't mean the danger is over. Someone is wanting them to stay quiet, someone is not wanting anyone to pry into their lives, someone is doing all of this and is not going to go away and will find other ways of threatening them. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Other things:

++ Mike is definitely getting with the wrong crowd, I think after the incident with their parents he's been doing some rebellious things and sneaking around. He might know that Aria and her friends have been sneaking off, but I don't think he knows more than that.



++ Why is Jason flirting with Aria? I mean seriously, that was a bit skeevy and rather random. Is Aria going to return with the colored-streak hair now that he mentioned it? O_o

++ Emily and Samara are too adorable. I like that Samara doesn't question why Emily wrote the fake letter and still covers that story regardless, perhaps she knows what it's like to impress your parents even if there's a slight possibility of altering something just to please them. I like that Emily allows her to do that, and judging from some interviews from Shay Mitchell I think Samara might become her long-lasting girlfriend for a while, which is nice.
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