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News: Weather Conditions

106°. It's fucking 106° -- tomorrow it'll rise to, the weatherman predicts, 108°-110°. Although you don't need the weatherman to warn you; just take one step outside. Feel the massive amounts of heat surrounding and sufficating you. It'll feel like a fucking suana. That's exactly what today feels like -- however, today wasn't as bad as last week. Last week it was so hot they had to have a Spare the Air warning. Which doesn't mean today isn't as dangerous as any other day, but a couple of days ago we had a slight shower. Still humid, but it was raining.

Now it's cloudless, sunnny and the sticky heat is unbearable. Although it isn't quite horrible considering how worse it could be, it'll be this way for some time. And the California State Faire is entering next month and I'm going, though I might have to reconsider if it's Spare the Air day.

Still, it's disgustingly hot. Thank God for air conditioners, ice-cold bottled waters and ice cream.
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