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If there's something I love, is the Harry Potter fandom. Midnight premieres, from the book releases to the films, have been such a worthwhile experience I am forever grateful to have participated in. Oh, and never underestimate the influential power of this series, because believe me, the hype from last night? It was contagious.

The line for the theater was extremely long, like really really extremely long. It went all the way around the motherfucking building, and this theater was relatively a huge building. Six screens were showing the movie, all were sold out. Every single theater was so packed, and it was really amazing just going from one theater to the next searching for a good spot to sit. I mean, a pain, but awesome because how often does that happen for a particular movie? Anyway, found good seats even with all the people, and merely by luck. The costumes were fantastic. In fact, in the middle of waiting for the movie, someone yelled out, "catch the snitch!" and someone was running through the aisles dressed as a giant golden snitch with someone trying to catch them! XD IDK IF THAT WAS PLANNED OR JUST SOMEONE BEING AWESOME, BUT IT WAS THE MOST FANTASTIC THING EVER.

Another awesome thing that happened was these group of guys who were counting down until 12:01am by minutes, yelling out, "FIVE MORE MINUTES!" and so on, and then they started counting down seconds, one guy at a time would count it down and it was hilarious!

Throughout the movie, people laughed at the right moments, gasped at the right moments, cheered at the right moments, made interesting and hilarious commentary at, perhaps not appropriate, but still hilarious nonetheless moments. And at the end, everyone cheered and clapped so loudly, and I think a standing ovation as well. It was just incredible.

I don't think many people understand the way fans experience watching something with other fans. Something like a midnight premiere doesn't seem logical to some, and it isn't. Waiting outside in line for what it seems like forever, going into a overly crowded theater isn't the viewing experience many want to have. However, with fans of like interests? It can be the experience of a lifetime. It's like going to a convention, you need to be able to experience it to understand it, because that's what this felt like. So many people were just there having a good time, dressed up and talking about the books, the movies, the characters and the story, and you feel a connection with them.

Yeah, I know this had nothing to do with the movie itself, but I feel like I need to talk about experiencing this for the last time. I know there will be other things but, not for Harry Potter. So yeah, this is why I had to go for the midnight premiere. There will be nothing else like this for this series.
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