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"I've never had a gay friend before. Which is weird because I'm sort of fabulous."

Warehouse 13 is just my feel-good show, and I'm so happy it's back, because I feel like the family is back on my screen again. Last night was a bit emotional, but understandably so, considering all that went down in that finale and in the premiere and getting the ball rolling again. But them sitting at the table together like one big happy family at the end, d'awwwww. ♥ Oh, and can there be more sassy Claudia and Jinks moments? Like, in every episode? I love their interaction so much, you don't even know. Also, Claudia and Artie's continued father-daughter relationship is just to most precious thing ever. :D :D :D

Also? Daniel Radcliffe was on The Daily Show.

First thought? Finally! Jon Stewart has someone on his show that is shorter than him!

Second thought? Holy shit can they be more adorable? Seriously, Dan is just so precious and I loved the way he interacted with Jon and how they made each other laugh. I also loved Daniel's reaction to the video of questions and of course to the Quidditch thing. lol I honestly think Jon Stewart should have more HP people appear on his show more often. Tom Felton has been very awesome with appearing at interviews and promoting the films over the last few years. I also think that Jason Isaacs would do wonderfully on TDS. Then again, I feel like everyone -- including Misha Collins -- should appear on TDS. Well, for Misha it would be TDS as himself and TCR as his Twitter persona just to see the kind of interactions between both Jon and Stephen, but hey that's just me. ^_~
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