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Where I express much sadness.

Borders is undergoing liquidation.

By the end of September the entire company will be out of business, and Borders will cease to exist forever.

This upsets me greatly like you don't even know. It's just shocking to me how this even happened. Borders is like the only bookstore I have always loved going to. For years I've gone there, hung out there, browsed and sometimes just sat on the floor to just read. Hell, Harry Potter midnight release parties happened there, for goodness sakes! And now it's going away forever. What am I supposed to do now? Where am I supposed to go for books? This is highly distressing, mostly because this is feels like, the end of the world for book lovers, in a sense. Sure, there are other bookstores, but none of them will compare to how amazing Borders has always been.

First the ending of an era for Harry Potter, and now Borders. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!! D: D: D:
Tags: rl on the dl, this is why we can't have nice things
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