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Pretty Little Liars: "Save The Date" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.08 "Save The Date"


I honestly think this is a new low for A, and that's saying something from all the other things A has pulled on the girls. Usually it's things being planted in their possession, coercion and harassment of the like. And surely Hanna was run over by them, but this? Actually slowly poisoning one of the girls without them knowing until it was too late? That is scary. I mean, who knows what would happen without them knowing? A could have intentionally killed Emily without them knowing anything about it. Messing with their health this way is just far too scary to even think about. I would not want to trust anything without checking to see if it was tampered with, to be honest. O_O

Although a line stuck with me from tonight:
Emily: Spencer, A is taking us down one at a time. Aria's probably next!
Aria: Can we all go to Texas?
I find this important because Aria is the only one of the four girls who hasn't been blatantly targeted and harassed by their infamous stalker. Sure, she's been affected like they all have, but not individually with personal matters. Hanna, Spencer and Emily have been personally victimized by A with someone that could irreparably damage their entire lives. But what damage has been done to Aria, specifically? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not that I want Aria to be in absolute danger but, come on, it's a little unfair that everyone else has been targeted while Aria hasn't really been in direct line of fire from such taunts. Especially since the not-so-nonchalant relationship between her and Ezra has been going on for months. A could have sabotaged that from the very beginning, since it's so obviously easy to do so.

Which is why I'm happy they're hinting at Aria and Jason. Creepy and untrustworthy as Jason may seem, this can potentially be something for Aria to move onward from. Since she's obviously kind of done with Ezra as it is. Besides, if Jason is truly a dangerous suspect, then I think it would be nice for Aria to figure it out since she seems to be very heavily on trusting him/getting close to him. Add something interesting for Aria's character instead of same-old boring Ezra all the time. Just saying.

Anyway, moving on from that little rant....

I kinda get where Mike is coming from. He's acting out, he feels like his life as been turned upside down after the incident with his parents and he feels like he needs to have some sort of outlet. Not a very smart choice of letting out his frustrations by breaking and entering and stealing, however it's an outlet all the same. It's almost mirroring the anger and frustration Hanna is having with her own parents, who seem to have this on-again/off-again kind of relationship and Hanna seems to be stuck in the middle of such complications.

Wren, I like you, but you got to stop trying to deliberately flirt with Spencer. She's with Toby now. Don't be a douche and ruin that, okay? -__-

Alison was buried alive. That is deeply disturbing and unsettling. It really makes you think about what could have happened that night, and who was involved, and how malicious they could have been to bury her alive in such a way. I am also highly suspicious about Garret and Jenna and their constant talk about "the Jason thing" because, again, I still think all three of them were up to something. Maybe Jason really did do something and Garret and Jenna helped him, or made him forget, or whatever it was. It's all rather creepy thinking about them being in cahoots and trying to keep everything under wraps while the girls are being taunted by this mysterious A stalker....unless A is one of the three, which I am uncertain about.

I mean, the ending in the morgue was very creepy, but it got me thinking. How would A know that Spencer was looking for Alison's autopsy file? Garret and Jenna were talking about "taking care of it" after they talked about the girls possibly being onto whatever they are hiding between each other. Now, this can all be very misleading, but it's also very interesting because it makes you think about their situation and how it all connects back to Alison.
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