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Pretty Little Liars: "Picture This" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.09 "Picture This"

See, here's the biggest pet peeve I have. The girls are smart, so why haven't they started investigating how A knows pretty much everything, like with where they currently are and what they're doing and what they're gonna do? Obviously A is using surveillance and similar devices to spy on them constantly, to be everywhere at once. I think the biggest step in ceasing the harassment is by investigating the how and where of A's omnipresence occurs. I mean, I love this show, but come on girls. You can become all Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars to one-up this bitch for once since this all started. To get to the bottom of who is behind all of this and try to understand why they are continuing this harassment of you.

Jason and Aria....okay, Jason is a creepy mofo, however you cannot deny that the Aria and Jason scenes were way more entertaining than Aria and Ezra. I'm just saying. Also, I like that because Jason has become obsessed with Aria this adds more an intriguing streak to having her involved with his storyline somehow.

I honestly believe that Jason is hiding A in his house. I mean, who else would have been that second person that Spencer saw episodes ago? How else would A have developed that picture of Spencer and Emily looking at the pictures in the shed? Also, the whole Jenna and Garret thing, we really need to know what the hell "the Jason thing" was because I feel that that will be the answer to the many questions we have. Of course, being the show that it is, they'll draw out the mystery until towards the end of the season.

Although, Jenna getting her sight back? *shudders* I wonder how that'll be, if that ever happens.....

I felt bad for Emily. First with the ulcer and now A is back taunting her with wanting to break her and Samara apart? Poor girl can't catch a break, can she? Neither of them can, but all the more reason to finally stick it to A by stepping up their game for once.

But you know whose story I felt for the most? Mike Montgomery.

Odd as it sounds, but I really feel for his situation. I think we're going to get into something with him being depressed since all the things that have been happening. Believe me, I've been there and done that, and that scene in the bedroom really screamed loud and clear what is up with him, at least to me. I have a feeling that they're gonna get into it more, especially the way their father seemed more concerned after seeing him, we might get more family history and what is going on with Mike. I honestly want Aria to ditch the guy thing -- both Jason and Ezra, respectively -- and focus on her family because I think she needs to do that. Guys be damned, family is what matters right now.

I think Caleb will come back. He has to, both he and Hanna said they loved each other. So yeah, he's coming back.
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