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Aside from the awesomeness of the episode, appropriately titled "Don't Hate The Player", I kinda wanted to discuss something that really intrigued and disturbed me regarding her fear.

While obviously it's amplified due to the artifact's influence, the fact her greatest fear would have been the psychiatric hospital and her "treatments" is pretty telling of her experiences when she was in that place. In fact, it hurt my heart seeing her in such pain and being that terrified. This gives an interesting insight to her worst nightmare, which of course is seen as crazy by the people who didn't understand her and wanted to "treat" her into getting better. It really makes you think about what she went through and how far she's come since then, considering that she was right about her brother still being alive and all of that. But somehow, even though she conquered her fear within the game itself (giving her a level of catharsis in a sense) and is in a better place with her friends and family inside the Warehouse, I still kinda wanna know more about that time. Even though I'm sure we understand the gist of how it went, it sorta intrigues me a bit. Not that I want to see my bb Claudia get hurt, but idk. Somehow this leaves it open to be further explored or brought up. It makes me wonder how Claudia managed to get out of the psych ward, pretending to be all better while secretly plotting a way to get Joshua back? idk

I just thought that part of the episode was interesting, and did a complete 180 from how funny everything was to complete sadness and making me want to cry. :(

Also, not completely unrelated, I want to know if we're gonna get back into the whole deal of Claudia possibly becoming the new Warehouse caretaker as introduced last season? That seems very intriguing to me, especially the way Artie was reassuring her that she didn't have to worry but also had a look of concern on his face at the same time. Like he knows it's coming, but doesn't want her to worry ahead of time. Also, there was the comment about Claudia's aura changing from the season premiere? Idk how significant this may be but I found it curious enough.

And last but not least, the fact she played the guitar and sang beautifully at the end of the episode totally made the episode ace for me. Who knew she had a voice like that? I mean, Jesus Christ, I wanna marry that voice. *__* okay i just wanna marry her but that's not news....

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