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Pretty Little Liars: "Touched By An (A)ngel" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 2.10 "Touched By An (A)ngel"

So the plot is thickening with the Garret/Jenna/Jason/Ian connection. Garret, Ian and Jason were part of the same secret organization (secret club?) which the Latin name means We See All. If that's not completely ominous, I don't know what is. Considering the fact that they have someone who is constantly taunting them and knowing their every move, I say it's not coincidence. But then there's this secret that they don't want the girls to uncover, to not dig in deeper. Something that Garret and Jenna are desperately trying to keep hidden, and that something has to do with Jason. I know this is only the tenth episode and it's more than we've gotten from before, but WE NEEDS MORE ANSWERS RIGHT NOW! THE SUSPENSE WITH THIS MYSTERY IS KILLING ME GDI!

Can I just rant about how stupid Aria is?

I mean honestly, I know that sometimes we think why can't they just be straightforward about everything and blah blah blah. But her confronting Jason about the pictures of her and that her friends were the ones who broke into that shed? What the fuck were you thinking? Seriously, what if Jason had been up to something and came up with a well-covered up lie on the spot? Or knew that someone would be asking about it and came up with that story? COME ON ARIA USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN! ARGH I LOVE ALL THE GIRLS BUT ARIA CAN BE SUCH AN AIRHEAD SOMETIMES IT'S UNBELIEVABLE THAT SHE HASN'T BEEN STRANGLED BY A ALREADY BY HER RECKLESSNESS LIKE THIS. I MEAN SRSLY. IF THIS WAS IN TRUE HORROR MOVIE FORMAT, SHE'D BE THE FIRST TO DIE. -__-

Still don't like Aria/Ezra. The fact that nothing has happened, or will happen ever, between them is making me gag whenever they are on the screen. It is just stupid, tbh. It's like "oh we'll tell everyone!" and then "nope sorry my parents will think you're a monster and send you away" and it's boring as fuck.

Also, I find it ridiculous that they have been all blatantly flirtatious since the beginning and had so many close-calls due to that, especially in front of everyone in the entire school. However, all Mrs. Montgomery had to do was look across the parking lot to see Spencer inside of Ezra's car -- and she was just talking -- and started to suspect something there. I MEAN COME THE FUCK ON. GET REAL.

I did, however, love that scene with Spencer talking to Ezra. That was funny, especially with her accidentally calling him by his first name. He was so awkward, lol.

Oh God, poor Emily. :( I know that A has targeted pretty much all the girls (except Aria, she always gets a free pass....) but they've been especially cruel to Emily on dangerous levels than any of the others have had. It's more personal and invasive, and just knowing that the someone terrorizing you and your friends had their hands on you without you knowing? I think it's even more creepy since Emily was naked therefore more vulnerable than she's ever been before. O_o That was incredibly creepy on levels I can't even begin to describe, it's also one of my worst nightmares as well. I really wanted her to confess and tell the therapist everything, but of course A would know/find out (probably why they were at the massage room in the first place to scare her into telling once again) and who knows what the consequences for that would be.

I'm glad the girls have each other but sometimes I wish they could tell someone, anyone what they are going through. Their therapist, a parent, hell even Toby.

Oh Hanna. I love you girl, and you have been trying your best even if you don't like the situation. Believe, I've been there. And you were right, Mona probably thought she was doing right by making the best of it too, only she was truly doing it because the girls were rich and wants to be on their "good side" to get all the exclusives and whatnot. Of course you know that anything bad that could happen will eventually happen? All of that happened to Hanna, just her luck right? Now, along with dealing with all of this dramallama business with the wedding and missing Caleb and of course dealing with A, she has to deal with this uber bitch potential stepsister who compared her to a wild horse that needs to be trained. Oh, this bitch is going down. Hanna can probably take her down, but I'm betting she'll be playing nice because of the wedding. But I'm positive that whatever this bitch is thinking it won't go over well with Hanna's mom, with her friends and especially her father once he learns the truth -- and knows that he doesn't want to marry this Isabelle person and go back with Hanna's mom.

At least, I'm hoping. Remember, misery loves company and all of that. I just don't want Hanna to have to deal with this bitch any longer than she has to.

Jenna is still creepy, however I loved that Spencer burned her with her comment about Garrett.

The ending was cute with Spencer and Aria, "It's just that you're very tiny! And I love you." D'awww, Spence. ♥

The thing is, I love this show. It's entertaining and suspenseful and keeps me interested, however sometimes it can be unbelievably ridiculous. Those moments when you're like, "seriously?" I know sometimes this happens on almost all shows at some point or another, and thankfully it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of watching this show. But there are times when you gotta wonder.
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