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Relaxation, boredom, exhaustion....all in a day's work

Since this year's summer season is nearly coming to an end (according to my school schedule though, the heat and humid weather conditions are still growing strong), there's plenty of movies in the theaters that I still haven't seen. Before hitting those textbooks and essays over weekends, I'd like to at least some see partial films from my Must See Movie list. Here are three that I desperately want to view:

1. The Skeleton Key: Starring Kate Hudson. I am completely prone to being drawn to horror flicks and terrifying psychological thrillers, and after seeing the television previews for this movie I couldn't resist taking another look further into what the movie is based around. And after discovering my ultimate fascination with this exact topic, this is definitely a film that I'm willing to see, probably at the first weekend opening. Luckily it's the weekend before college starts up again, so I'll be totally frightened until then. Plus, the official website is all sorts of creepifying.

2. The Dukes of Hazzard: Starring Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, and Jessica Simpson. Okay, granted I'm not the hugest Jessica Simpson and I'm not particularly a supporter of some of the decisions she's made in the past, however this movie looks to be filled with hilarity and harmless fun. I wouldn't necessarily call it the best film ever made, but it's something to see for hilarious good-time laughing and just enjoying a movie.

3. March of the Penguins: Narrarated by Morgan Freeman. First ever documentary to actually get so much praise and viewings in the box offices within its first weekend, according to a Yahoo!News article. Also, penguins! Little fuzzy baby penguins, too! So adorable. Something cute and educational, a rarity amongst American movies nowadays which is a total shame. I think my father is taking me and my sister to see it this weekend, either that or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again.

In fandom news, Firefly's on tonight. It's amazing, already have the DVD's -- had them for a long while now -- but there's something satisfying seeing the series on the television again. Plus, extra footage goodness that'll be premeiring this September for Serenity. Yay!
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